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    Science under pressure. The ecology and exploration of our planet’s oceans.

    A deep sea diver standing next to a large angler fish with large sharp fish.
  • Questacon's armchair entomologist talks about insects, the masters of the earth.

    A woman with a stick insect sitting on her forehead.


  • Do you see what I see?

    A man painting colour patterns on a flat surface.
  • Answer the call of the wild and compete in the ultimate game of survival.

    A man point into the air, with a large screen of dinosaurs behind him.
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    Do yourself a flavour. Hang with your buds in this exploration of taste.

    A man dressed as a chef holding a mixing bowl in one hand, an egg beater in the other, and poking his tongue out.
  • All you’ve ever wanted to know about dinosaurs. New theories, old myths debunked, exciting new fossils uncovered.

    A woman with glasses making a funny face.


  • Things will heat up in Q Lab with superheated steam!

    Painting of a white-haired man
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    Zaps, sparks and hair-raising activities. The work of electrical energy!

    A man with a beard standing in front of electrical sparks.
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    The explosive science of the liquid of life—water and the Murray-Darling Basin.

    a drawing of a large fish.


  • Our universe is incredible—but just how do we explore it?

    An astronaut in space.
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    The explosive science of the liquid of life—water and the Murray-Darling Basin.

    a drawing of a large fish.
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    How on Earth do you get to the Moon? The breathtaking science and technology of the space race.

    A woman standing in front of a picture of three astronauts.

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