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A beige coloured exhibit table with a yellow, red and blue arrangement of information panels sitting on top of it. The title on the top blue area is 'Stormwater'.

Fresh rainwater can become polluted as it passes through stormwater drains, picking up debris and micro organisms.

10+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A wooden cut-out bird with different colours projected onto it's surface which then reflect on the wall behind

Coloured lights can be combined (or subtracted) to create new colours.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A cartoon picture of a boy and a toy rocket.

During Dr Yuri Blashtov’s performance at Questacon, he’ll try and launch 10 rockets.

7-10 Experiments and activities
A multi coloured sign with the words 'Optimusic' at the top

Coloured light beams and electronics work together to play music or funny sound effects.

4+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A blue and white information panel with the title "Crank it Clean"

Extracting freshwater from brackish or salt water using reverse osmosis is an energy-intensive technique.

10+ Experiments and activities Exhibit