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A woman wearing a blue polo shirt.

The final Science Circus tour for 2011 saw us travelling around the Gippsland area in Victoria.

All Ages Articles
A beige coloured exhibit table with matching monitor on top. On the screen is the title 'Saving Water'.

Small changes that save water can add up to large water efficiencies.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A red and yellow ball rolling down the gravity well

Balls roll in elliptical pathways around the dish, until they fall into the 'gravity well's' central hole.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A model globe.

Lift each 'atmosphere layer' on the model Earth and look at the layers and the graphic panel to check what can be found in that layer.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
a woman looking at a clear cylinder filled with water and floating objects

In this challenge students must use their problem solving skills to make a buoyancy mechanism that will cause a vessel to sink or float on command.

7-12 Experiments and activities