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An exhibit table with a information panel, sits in front of two walls. On the table lays a rectangle shape with pegs sitting on top.

Making patterns of movement more efficient can be achieved by modelling through puzzles.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
A black and orange exhibit table, with matching information panel at the back. On the table sits two silver pistons with black handles and a purple base between them.

Pressure applied over an area generates a force that can do work. Changing the area or the pressure increases or decreases the force.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
Two hands tapping a white vertical cylinder with a round base, and a cartoon cut out stuck on front.

Make a toy that refuses to be pushed around and always comes back for more.

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The Shed - Logo

The space includes hands-on exhibits, artworks from artists and makers, and a tinkering studio where visitors can design and make.

10+ Exhibits
A grey, red and grey rectangular exhibit.

Binary counting systems are based on '0' and '1', which may also represent 'ON' and 'OFF' in electronic circuits.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit