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A mural painting of a totem pole next to some monkeys in a tree.

Height can be measured in some rather strange units.

4+ ExhibitsExperiments and activities Exhibit
The coriolis exhibit, showing a white bench top with a circular hole cut out, and a stainless steel bowl with water components and a handle in the centre of the hole.

When water moves a certain way due to rotation, what you observe is called the Coriolis effect.

8+ ExhibitsExperiments and activities Exhibit
A pretend stone wall in the background with a scale and wheel sitting on a brown table in the forground surround by a clear perspex box.

When an item is placed into water, the volume of water it shifts or displaces can be used to calculate the item's density (and value).

12+ ExhibitsExperiments and activitiesGames and Puzzles Exhibit
A young girl sitting in an adult's lap while holding a plastic container and a lid. Several plastic containers and lids are on the floor in front of them.

Challenge your child to match a range of containers with their lids.

2-5 Experiments and activities
A man with a purple t-shirt is sitting next to a green dinosaur puppet.

Join BJ and Dion from Science Time, as they talk all about 'Dinosaurs'. 

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