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A large blue concave vertical dish sits in the corner with a large window to the left and a white wall to the right.

Large, flat dishes reflect sound waves to certain points.

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A witch holding a tub of green slime.

Stressed? This slime is better than any stress ball.

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A brown exhibit table with a vertical dispaly area that has a monitor screen and the words 'Monkeys in the Mist' on the screen.

Contrast sensitivity is one measurement of human eyesight.

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 On top of the yellow surface sits a flat orange triangle base and four black triangular pieces.

Try to build a large pyramid using the pyramid-shaped blocks.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A beige coloured table with a blue information panel in the background. On the table is a scale model of a water pump and water tank.

Surface water and groundwater are connected within a system, rather than being isolated.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit