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A steel and perspex combination safe with colourful cams visible.

Cams are used in certain kinds of locks.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
a shadow of a woman displayed on a green screen

Light energy can be absorbed and released within special phosphorescent paint.

4+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A round white disc with a red border and grey and white magnets

Magnetic repulsion and eddy current braking create curving patterns.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A young girl smiling and looking through red-tinted cellophane

Young children may get exposed to colour mixing when colouring in, but they will understand more directly if their activity has the purpose of discovering what colours they can make from other colours.

2-5 Experiments and activities
A close of two hands holding a spoon and paper clip each, and trying to pick up small square pieces of paper, marbles, segments of drinking straws and 5 cent coins off a blue surface.

Catch me if you can! It’s a race between predator and prey but also between different predators to see who can catch the most food.

5+ Experiments and activities