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cube shaped salt crystals

Grow crystals using ordinary salt! Can you make crystals that are shaped like cubes?

7+ Experiments and activities
A woman with a paper cone

In this workshop, students will prototype and fire paper rockets. They will discover which designs are the most effective, and work on finding the optimal launch angle.

6-12 Experiments and activities
A plastic soft drink bottle with a pink rubber balloon inside, a pink rubber diaphragm at the bottom, and a yellow lump of plasticine on top.

Feeling under pressure? Take a deep breath, relax and make yourself a third lung!

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
blue and white lights running into the centre mirror area, where their are reflections of worms

Peer into a tunnel of mirrors to see both an ‘infinity mirror’ effect, and a ‘Disgustoscope’ illusion of writhing flesh.

4+ Exhibits Exhibit
A young girl smiling and looking through red-tinted cellophane

Young children may get exposed to colour mixing when colouring in, but they will understand more directly if their activity has the purpose of discovering what colours they can make from other colours.

2-5 Experiments and activities