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Are the spiders in your garden the same as in other gardens? Which spiders are unique to your corner of Australia, and which are found all over?

7+ Experiments and activitiesGames and PuzzlesResources
a woman looking at a clear cylinder filled with water and floating objects

In this challenge students must use their problem solving skills to make a buoyancy mechanism that will cause a vessel to sink or float on command.

7-12 Experiments and activities
A young boy with a man pointing to small seeds sitting on cotton wool at the bottom off a clear plastic cup.

Making a terrarium also plants to seeds for future learning about how ecosystems work – sorry for the pun!

A young girl holding a plastic drumstick above three small drums made from tins and balloon rubber.

Stretch a balloon to make a drum and take turns tapping out a rhythm.

2-5 Experiments and activities
A wall painted with planets and the entrance way to a pretend space ship.

Part role play, part scientific investigation space.

0-6 Exhibits Exhibit