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A man and woman both wearing white hats and wearing sunglasses.

Our trip to the remote gulf town of Doomadgee was packed with adventure and matching hats.

All Ages Articles
A woman with her mouth resting on a clear plastic cup. The cup as a green straw running through the length of it, with a latex glove over the cup mouth.

This honker won't help you in a traffic jam, but will be a hoot in your next jam session.

5+ Experiments and activities
A carpeted area in which there are four abstract rabbit shapes on the carpet.

The area of an irregular shape can be calculated by measuring its component shapes.

8+ Exhibit

Your visual system interprets the position of shadows to judge whether something is a 'dent' or a 'bump'.

10+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A large timber and glass table, with two tubes going into the air, and the words suck and push along side either tube.

It is easier and more energy efficient to pump water from below (normal pump) than to try and draw it up from above (using a vacuum pump).

10+ Experiments and activities Exhibit