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blue and white lights running into the centre mirror area, where their are reflections of worms

Peer into a tunnel of mirrors to see both an ‘infinity mirror’ effect, and a ‘Disgustoscope’ illusion of writhing flesh.

4+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A fake stone wall with a white, green and blue information panel sits in the background. The exhibit consists of a multi-coloured pyramid shape, that has a timer and button at the bottom and a round face with a second clock at the top.

Your 'sense of time' may be accurate or wildly inaccurate!

8+ Exhibit
A perspex hour glass with a yellow synthetic rubber slowly flowing from top to bottom.

This synthetic rubber appears to be solid, but it behaves like a fluid.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A young boy with a man pointing to small seeds sitting on cotton wool at the bottom off a clear plastic cup.

Making a terrarium also plants to seeds for future learning about how ecosystems work – sorry for the pun!

A blue display stand supporting a vertical perspex pane that has a curved cut out within it. Either side of the perspex are two stainless steel poles of which attached to one is a stainless steel bar with red balls attached to each end

Pass a straight rod through a curved (part-parabolic) slot in this surprising mathematical-visual illusion.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit