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A brushed metal knob with pictures of muliple blue pencils.

This visual illusion causes a pencil to appear, then reappear.

6+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A small boy and girl looking at a red model volcano.

Join BJ and Dion from Science Time, as they talk all about 'Volcanoes'.

3-6 Experiments and activitiesVideos
A timber, black and orange exhibit table with two information panels at the rear in the same colour scheme. On the table top sits two piston devices with blue bases and a series of weights at one end. Thre is a red joystick and pressure guage at the other end.

Pressure applied over an area generates a force that can do work. Changing the area or the pressure increases or decreases the force.

8+ Exhibit
A red and blue exhibit table with a yellow, white and purple information panel on top, sits in front of two green and blue walls. On the table sits a blue, black and clear perspex cylinder shpaed aquarium.

Magnetic fields can be seen when magnetic metals align against a magnet's poles.

6+ Exhibit
A large red and blue cube frame that has blue and orange banners running from top to bottom with different information on each. There are orange and yellow objects hanging from the frame.

The human visual system can create an illusion of three dimensions when presented with two dimensional images.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit