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Four picture of different house rooms, with pink tubing going into items such as tiolets and washing machines.

Recycled water can be used within certain parts of a household.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
Logo: Questacon Science Play

Use bottles of various size and see which ones are easier or harder to sink.

2-5 Experiments and activities
A red and yellow ball rolling down the gravity well

Balls roll in elliptical pathways around the dish, until they fall into the 'gravity well's' central hole.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
a stainless steel and black table with a curiosity corner sign hanging on the purple wall behind it

This area of the gallery is sometimes supervised by Questacon Volunteers, who present a range of simple science demonstrations and logic puzzles to visitors.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A orange and blue exhibit table with a matching information panel on top, as well as black steel rods that are balancing amongst one another on a single stand.

Centre of mass can be used to hang objects together.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit