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Green, blue and white light projection on to square tiles.

When raindrops congregate in a cloud to a certain density, rain will fall.

4+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A large metal and plastic water sculpture in the middle of a circular room.

Water moves in cycles between the sky (atmosphere), ground and underground.

All Ages Experiments and activities Exhibit
Logo: Shell Questacon Science Circus

Flat out like a lizard drinking! Watch as a candle appears to suck water into a glass!

5+ Experiments and activities
A multi coloured sign with the words 'Optimusic' at the top

Coloured light beams and electronics work together to play music or funny sound effects.

4+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A close up of a hand squeezing an eye dropper full of water onto a coin sitting on a lite blue surface.

Drip, drip, drip. How many drops can you place on a 20¢ coin?

5+ Experiments and activities