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A blue and white information panel with the title "Crank it Clean"

Extracting freshwater from brackish or salt water using reverse osmosis is an energy-intensive technique.

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Put one ear under water and listen when you tap the side of the bath.

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A red and blue exhibit table, with an orange, purple and white information panel at the back, sits in front of a green and a blue wall. On the table is a white vertical post with a slot in the top, that has a black rectangle inserted into the slot.

Discover how two eyes are needed to judge distances more accurately due to stereovision.

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A blue voltage meter connected to three metal pads.

Electric fields can be created when a circuit is closed in a loop formation.

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A young woman hold up to her face an empty clear plastic 1.25 litre bottle

Cloud watching is fun; especially when you can create your own in a bottle.

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