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Two hands holding a paper cup with green liquid inside, next to a clear pepper grinder.

There is nothing to sneeze about in this activity.

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A large red and blue cube frame that has orange and blue information panels hanging from top to bottom. Inbetween these panels are blue and orange trianguular and square objects.

Interference patterns create visual illusions.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A screen shot of a blue background with dark blue pipes and the title in orange 'Survive the Sewer'.

A sewerage system contains many obstacles and factors that must be taken into account when collecting and treating wastewater or effluent.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
A young girl holding a plastic tub covered with elastic bands up to her ear and strumming the bands.

Check out the sound that different rubber bands make when stretched around a lunch box.

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A grey, red and grey rectangular exhibit.

Binary counting systems are based on '0' and '1', which may also represent 'ON' and 'OFF' in electronic circuits.

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