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An orange and blue exhibit table. Red yellow and blue steel bars rise out of the table top, and are bent into different shapes. A piece of white rope with a knot in it is threaded between the bars.

Topology puzzles explore patterns in space.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A large red and blue cube frame that has orange and blue information panels hanging from top to bottom. Inbetween these panels are blue and orange trianguular and square objects.

Mirrors at right angles (corner reflectors) reflect light directly back to a source, so they make things more visible at night.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A inflated balloon attached to a piece of flat wood that has wheels attached underneath.

Do people say you’re full of hot air? Why not use it to power your brand new balloon powered car?

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
A young boy stares in awe at a 3D hologram produced by VoxieBox

Will Tamblyn and Gavin Smith challenged themselves to create a 3D holographic projector – a piece of tech that only existed in science fiction.

All ages Articles
Three core sample boxes with red knobs on the top.

Scientists take core samples to study layers of ice or earth and their age, composition and evidence of living organisms.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit