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A young girl sitting with a woman blowing onto a pink, spinning pinwheel.

A force, either wind or movement energy, has to be applied for something to turn.

2-5 Experiments and activities
A model earth and sun showing shadows on the earth.

Seasons on Earth are caused by the angle at which sunlight hits the Earth's surface as Earth orbits around the Sun on its tilted axis.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A man and woman who are both wearing purple t-shirts are standing in front of background image of magnified purple cloth.

Join BJ and Dion from Science Time, as they talk all about 'Big and Little'.

3-6 Experiments and activitiesVideos
A woman looking up at two long balloons and a model paper octopus.

Get charged up and feel elevated in this amazing static electricity activity.

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
A blue voltage meter connected to three metal pads.

Electric fields can be created when a circuit is closed in a loop formation.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit