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A red and white builseye target sits on a yellow stand behind netting.

Radar guns measure the speed of a travelling ball in kilometres per hour.

8+ Exhibit
A black exhibit table with a clear perspex box over it, enclosing a series of white gears all connected together.

Different sized gears can be used to magnify force or distance (speed).

8+ Exhibit
A pink monitor with the words 'Hidden Water', a hamburger and a cow on the screen.

Water volumes used to manufacture items such as food,  clothing and cars is called embedded water.

12+ Experiments and activities Exhibit

Come and experience science shows Japanese-style with visiting science presenter Akiko Yoshioka and her colleagues from the Osaka Science Museum.

All Ages Experiments and activitiesArticles
A young girls holding two plastic bottles: one clear and containing rice, and one opaque and covered in black tape.

Make shakers with uncooked rice or beans and practise some rhythms.

2-5 Experiments and activities