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A small girl wearing a red top and holding a bottle of water.

Join BJ and Dion from Science Time, as they talk all about 'Water'.

3-6 Experiments and activitiesVideos
A orange and blue exhibit table with a matching information panel on top, as well as black steel rods that are balancing amongst one another on a single stand.

Centre of mass can be used to hang objects together.

8+ Experiments and activities Exhibit

The ternary counting system is based on 'threes', while our traditional decimal counting system is based on 'tens'.

12+ Experiments and activities Exhibit
Two hands tapping a white vertical cylinder with a round base, and a cartoon cut out stuck on front.

Make a toy that refuses to be pushed around and always comes back for more.

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
A young girl sitting in an adult's lap while holding a plastic container and a lid. Several plastic containers and lids are on the floor in front of them.

Challenge your child to match a range of containers with their lids.

2-5 Experiments and activities