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An orange and blue exhibit table with a white information panel laying flat on the top, two rows of 20 millimetre pvc piping rising up from the table top, and a blue thong attached to an orange cord hanging over the table side.

Air vibrates at different frequencies to generate low or high pitched sounds.

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Logo: Shell Questacon Science Circus

This story comes from our visit to Port Augusta, South Australia, where we had the chance to reach students over hundreds of kilometres through Port Augusta School of the Air.

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A model earth and sun showing shadows on the earth.

Seasons on Earth are caused by the angle at which sunlight hits the Earth's surface as Earth orbits around the Sun on its tilted axis.

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A woman blowing into a pink balloon which itself is inside a plastic soft drink bottle.

Do you have a really competitive friend who can’t stand losing?

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A upside down plastic drink bottle filled with water, and a cork floating to the top with a string falling down out of the cork.

Full steam ahead and watch which way the cork goes.

5+ Experiments and activities