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A young boy smiles, holding a plastic sauce bottle, and watching a purple feather suspended in mid-air. A young girl is standing behind him and smiling while watching the feather.

Air is a hard concept for young children as they cannot see it. This activity helps them to explore air and its properties.

2-5 Experiments and activities
A cereal box with a CD inserted into the top left corner.

Can you do the splits? Well, you can now! With only a few household objects, it’s easy for you to split light.

5+ Experiments and activities
A red and yellow ball rolling down the gravity well

Balls roll in elliptical pathways around the dish, until they fall into the 'gravity well's' central hole.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit

Irrigation is most efficient when water is delivered directly to a crop's target root zone.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
A metal sculpture of Albert Einstein's head and shoulders.

A three dimensional sculpture of Einstein's face reveals a second image when viewed from a different angle.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit