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For Educators

Questacon’s educational approach is simple; people learn by doing. In our exhibitions, shows, outreach programmes, and online we strive to provide fun, engaging ways for students to experience science and technology through inquiry-based learning strategies.

Wherever your students are located, you can access Questacon’s award-winning education programmes.

Also Consider

An older man wearing glasses and a young boy looking down.

Teacher Memberships

Special rates for teachers.

A young man and woman looking at the screen of a laptop computer.

Student Training Program

R Unit for ACT Year 11 and 12 Students.

Two woman standing in front of a group of young school students.

Shell Questacon Science Circus

Our national outreach programme.

A man wearing saftey glasses and a very colourful shirt, with white mist in front of him.

YouTube Channel

Questacon’s video library.

Social Media