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A quarter inflated green balloon floating in a tub of water.

Going on a bushwalk in your backyard and don’t want to get lost? Be sure to pack a balloon, a magnet and a bucket of water.

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A man holding an orange balloon over a soft drink bottle half filled with white liquid.

Balloons, bottles and one heck of a bang!

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Logo: Shell Questacon Science Circus

Flat out like a lizard drinking! Watch as a candle appears to suck water into a glass!

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A white card standing upright with a pink-and-green spotted star on the front. A plastic cup is sitting next to the card, and three coloured markers are sitting in front.

Now it's a star. What will change when you add the water?

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A red and blue drink bottle, both suspended in a tub of water, have red liquid floating up and blue liquid sinking down.

Are your feelings for science a bit hot and cold? Yes? Then we have the perfect activity for you!

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Pop top explosion

Create an explosive fountain of foam and carbon dioxide gas by mixing sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

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A woman blowing into a pink balloon which itself is inside a plastic soft drink bottle.

Do you have a really competitive friend who can’t stand losing?

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A jug of water being poured into a beaker that has a white nappy in it.

Dobbers might wear nappies but scientists can use them to experiment with polymers!

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