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NOW: Niagara Park


A wooden cube sitting on a corrugated folder paper bridge.

Use the mighty power of triangles to help your plasticine man survive the weight of a block of wood.

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a black upside down mugs on a white table cloth, with a silver cylinder between them, and a small aluminium dish sitting on the cylinder

Have you ever boiled rice or pasta and wondered why it rises and falls?

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A close up of a wooden clothes peg with two pieces of copper wiring wrapped around each peg leg.

Sound is made by vibrations.

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A person in a black shirt holding an orange basketball with a smaller blue ball sitting on top of it.

Practice those million dollar catches using two balls instead of one and watch one of the balls fly high into the sky!

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A water drink bottle wrapped with paper has cool steam coming off it, blown by a nearby fan.

Be refreshed by the cool power of evaporation!

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Two candles sitting on a white plate.

Don’t leave this candle in the wind. Eat it instead!

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A jar with a white cap and red and yellow liquids layered inside.

Have you ever heard that oil and water don’t mix?

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A woman looking up at two long balloons and a model paper octopus.

Get charged up and feel elevated in this amazing static electricity activity.

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