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A box of baking soda is next to a large flat plate that has a white splatter on it, and a white liquid trail goes into the air.

Use carbon dioxide gas to make a rocket fly!

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A soft drink bottle with water inside and a floating object.

Squidy is a good role model. Sometimes he's up and sometimes he's down, but he always has a smile on his face.

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A witch holding a tub of green slime.

Stressed? This slime is better than any stress ball.

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Five glasses on a table with different colour water and levels in each.

A colourful melody, a concerto in B... or is it C?

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Pop top explosion

Create an explosive fountain of foam and carbon dioxide gas by mixing sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

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Someone's hands wearing a green wrist watch, holding a 9 volt battery that is held up to a inflated white balloon.

What do you get when you cross a battery, a balloon and some steel wool? An explosion of rubber, of course!

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A snowflake shaped crystal made from white pipe cleaners with small crystals attached.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Use Epsom salt and water to grow your own "snowflake" decoration and observe how crystals form.

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The bottom of a inflated green balloon being touched by the flame of a white candle under it.

Once you pop, we’ll show you how to stop.

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