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Imagination Factory

Questacon's travelling exhibition Imagination Factory – Invent and Play captures the spirit of innovation through whimsical technology and simple machines. It is mainly targeted at visitors aged 8 to 14 years, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Imagination Factory's 21 exhibits focus on how technology makes life easier and challenges the idea that technology is only defined as high-tech electronics. Visitors will play with simple machines such as cams, pulleys, levers, gears, pistons (or pneumatics), wheels and electricity. Lift a friend using a giant lever, perform a musical tune using pulleys, race some horses using gears, play 'rock, paper, scissors' using electrical circuits or find your way through a maze using pneumatic pistons. Nine accompanying information banners also describe where you can find simple machines at home, school, work or play, as well as some Australian inventors and some peculiar patents.

The exhibition is modular and suitable for metropolitan venues. View descriptions of each exhibit or visit the hire page for technical specifications and venue requirements.

Teachers Notes

A summary of Imagination Factory exhibits for teachers including National Curriculum links and key themes may be downloaded via these Word and PDF documents.

Questacon—Imagination Factory Teachers Notes PDF 171 kB | Questacon—Imagination Factory Teachers Notes Word 117 kB