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Virtual Workshops

A man wearing a blue shirt is facing a TV camera in a studio environment.

Questacon and the Questacon Technology Learning Centre (QTLC) offer engaging workshops and events via video conference to schools across Australia. Whether investigating the process of innovation with QTLC presenters or connecting with scientists from across Australia, students can explore science, technology and innovation through experience. Our interactive sessions will have students trying and refining new ideas, to expand their lateral and logical thinking, without leaving the classroom.

General Information

Workshop times: 9.30am, 11.30am & 1.30pm (Monday–Friday, AEST)
Duration: 1 hour
Target Audience: See workshop descriptions (below)

All Questacon virtual workshops (described below) are linked to the Australian Curriculum and supported by teacher resources.


  • Let's Get Animated! $200 for both sessions (max. 30 students).
  • All other workshops $150 per session (max. 30 students).

Cancellations and postponements:

A cancellation fee of 100 per cent will be charged if a booking is cancelled or postponed within 14 days of the scheduled visit.


Complete the video conference online booking form or book through DART Connections

Bookings and enquiries: 1800 889 995
Fax: 1800 641 171


Let’s Get Animated! (Year 3-6)

Questacon and the National Film and Sound Archive have joined forces to deliver a cross-curricula workshop on animation. Discover past technologies, enjoy footage from the archives and understand the science behind the moving pictures.

NOTE: Let’s Get Animated! is a two-part workshop that incorporates an in-class project. Participants are required to book two workshops, held two weeks apart, at a total cost of $200.

Enviroquest (Year K-6)

Students will go on a quest to find what living things need to stay alive? What are their life-cycles like? How do they grow and survive in different environments?

Bust That Myth (Year 3-8)

Engage in hands-on science to explore the scientific method, from developing aims and hypotheses to tossing toast and coming up with conclusions. Questacon presenters will discuss myths in society and how science can help us get to the truth.

Innovation (Year 4-10)

Prototyping is an important skill to define, test and communicate your ideas. In this session students will be challenged to build prototype solutions to a problem using basic materials. Students will explore innovation and learn skills that will help them solve problems across the curriculum and beyond!

Foldable Flight (Year 5-10)

Students will tackle the physics of flight in this interactive and challenging session, through the folding of paper gliders. By trying and refining they will explore the effects of centre of gravity, drag and thrust.

Maths Magic (Year 6-10)

Take a journey into the mystery and magic that can be found in maths. We will amaze you as we read your minds with algebra, show you some tessellation tricks, and explore the chance in a chessboard coin toss.