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Gallery 7


Excite@Q is high energy, high impact and highly addictive. Feel the adrenalin pumping as you free fall down a six metre slide, battle a robot in a game of air hockey, test your reflexes against your friends or try to keep your balance as you move through the Rototron.

The Excite@Q exhibition is a complete hands-on, minds-on experience guaranteed to bend both mind and muscle.

360 Swing

Questacon's 360 Swing has been removed following a comprehensive safety and operational review. The 360 Swing will be replaced with the Superplexus exhibit which will open on 25 September.

Teachers Notes

A summary of Excite@Q exhibits, including key themes and National Curriculum links, are available to download in Word and PDF documents.

Questacon—Excite@Q Teachers Notes PDF 122 kB | Questacon—Excite@Q Teachers Notes Word 724 kB

Australian Curriculum Codes

'Core codes' are directly related to information found in this exhibition. 'Related codes' are related to information which may be found in this exhibition.