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The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre

Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre strives to promote greater understanding and awareness of science and technology within the community with a commitment to making that experience fun, interactive, and relevant. The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre (IPTLC) stimulates an interest and awareness of the way things are made, shows how components fit together and demonstrates how innovation can solve everyday problems—from simple devices to higher end technology.

The IPTLC helps develop skills and an understanding of manufacturing processes by immersing school students in ideas, tools and creativity. Young people are encouraged to have a go at making things and be inspired to pursue careers in technology and engineering. Programmes are also offered in metropolitan and regional communities through creative, innovative events and activities based on design and create workshops, national challenges and teacher training. Videoconference and web technologies extend the IPTLC's activities to students and special interest groups across Australia.

 A boy using a remote control attached to a series of wires and green box.

Holiday Workshops for young people aged between 10–15 years old.

A picture of a map with a marker in the centre.

60 Denison Street,
Deakin ACT 2600.

Ever wanted to learn how to make your own battling robot? Or meet a 150kg battle bot, here in Canberra?