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Professor Alan Duffy

Alan Duffy smiling at camera

Professor Alan Duffy is an Astronomer and Director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Victoria.

Professor Duffy is also the Chief Investigator on SABRE – the first dark matter detector in the Southern Hemisphere, located at the bottom of a gold mine at the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory in Victoria, Australia.

Along with experimental dark matter detector physics, Professor Duffy also studies the formation of galaxies within dark matter halos using supercomputer simulations.

More down to earth, (but still in space!), Professor Duffy is the Project Lead for SpaceTech Applications within Swinburne’s Data Science Research Institute. Here, he explores ways for observations from orbiting satellites to improve life on Earth, and looks at how we might sustainably live on the Moon by using its own resources.

As an experienced public speaker and science communicator, Professor Duffy is regularly in the media chatting all things science.

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