Bio - Professor Alan Duffy

Professor Alan Duffy is the Swinburne Node Leader, and a Chief Investigator, in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics (CDMPP) which will see a national series of experiments to detect the dark matter particle itself commencing in 2020. Professor Duffy is also the Chief Investigator of one of those experiments, SABRE - the world's first dark matter detector in the Southern Hemisphere, located at the bottom of the Stawell gold mine at SUPL (Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory) in Victoria, Australia.

Along with experimental dark matter detector physics, Professor Duffy also studies the formation of galaxies within dark matter halos using supercomputer simulations. Most notably, the First Galaxies and their impact on the Epoch of Reionisation as part of the DRAGONS team led by Professor Stuart Wyithe. This uses a (SPH) hydrodynamical simulation series Smaug and a larger volume N-body (i.e. dark matter) simulation Tiamat with a new semi-analytic model Meraxes to predict what telescopes will see reionisation. 

More down to Earth, (but still in space!), Professor Duffy is the Project Lead for SpaceTech Applications within Swinburne’s Data Science Research Institute where he explores ways for observations from orbiting satellites to improve life on Earth  and new research avenues for Lunar processing that make possible sustained habitation on our nearest neighbour. This includes several PhD projects within the engineering group that will permit in-situ resource utilisation on the Moon.