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Digital Technology & Engagement

The Digital Technology & Engagement (DTE) team is a multidisciplinary team that provides Questacon and its partners, access to industry leading video production and ICT services.

Questacon has always utilised the latest technologies to engage the community in science related content and important scientific ideas, nationally and internationally. DTE's digital studio and theatre enables Questacon communicate messages in science through the latest in video conferencing and internet distribution technologies to anywhere with a internet connection.

We have extensive experience in hosting national and international guest speakers including:

  • Nobel Laureate Dr Brian Schmidt discusses science with rural and remote communities
  • Dr Susan Hayes discussing forensic Archaeology and facial reconstruction with online interaction
  • Video Conferences linking students in the Guangdong and Singapore Science centres to discuss global water issues
  • Inspirational talks with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Jr to a live audience and regional audiences via video technologies.
  • Transit of Venus events discussing the scientific aspects of Captain James Cook’s first voyage upon the HMB Endeavour

Three men in historical black military uniforms are firing a small cannon outside. Three men in historical black military uniforms are firing a small cannon outside.

With our wide range of video capture devices, including the high-speed Phantom Flex and our new 4K Cameras, we are able to provide high and super high definition imagery on almost any time scale from 1 image per week to 2500 frames per second. Our footage has now been used in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "The Boffin, The Builder and The Bombardier" and recently been shown on the British Broadcasting Corporation's QI television program.

If you have any questions or would like further information about partnering with Questacon or participating as a remote audience for upcoming events please contact

For further slow motion video created by DTE have a look at our Science in Slow Motion video, and for more of our work look at Questacon’s YouTube Channel.