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At Questacon we don't just talk about "protecting the environment". Under the guidance of our environmental management system, we're working hard to turn words into action.

Questacon is certified in accordance with the internationally recognised standard of environmental management systems—ISO14001:2004

If you’d like to view the Questacon Environmental Management Policy 2014 statement, it is available to download in two formats here.
Questacon Environmental Management Policy 2014PDF 132 kB | Questacon Environmental Management Policy 2014Word 149 kB

The Questacon environmental management system provides the measures to ensure continual improvement on assessed environmental impacts, including the impact of utilities, and assessing ongoing recycling initiatives.

Questacon has been taking part in the ACTSmart waste program, which is assisting in putting more efficient recycling and waste management into action. This has included staff visiting the recycling centre in Hume, a recycling presentation delivered to staff, and updating waste signage on bins throughout Questacon. Questacon is working towards accreditation with the ACTSmart program.

Questacon currently works with a local recycling company to better utilise the organic waste produced by the café and from staff tea rooms. This organic waste is collected and transferred to a local farm where it is eaten by worms and the resulting fertiliser is then used to grow crops and to improved degraded farmland lacking in nutrients.

We encourage staff input and visitor feedback for review by our team as we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our environmental management system.