Born or Built Exhibition and Privacy

Articulated Head Privacy Collection Statement

As a division of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (the Department), Questacon is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) outlined in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) which regulates how entities may collect, use, disclose and store personal information.

If you choose to engage with the Articulated Head exhibit in Questacon’s Born or Built exhibition (the Exhibit) in conversation, it may collect your personal information. This information is limited to the text that you choose to provide at the Exhibit keyboard. It collects your information at the keyboard for the sole purpose of speaking with you. Your information may include name, birthplace, job, family members, gender, age and preferences such as favourite book or colour as you see fit. As part of its operation, the Exhibit may verbally disclose this information to people in the immediate vicinity and/or other users. Your information will be deleted within a maximum of twelve hours when one of the following conditions is met: 1) Another user overwrites your information (e.g. a new user provides their own name, replacing the record of your name) or 2) the Exhibit is rebooted overnight. There is no consequence to not providing personal information while interacting with the Exhibit. Personal information obtained will only be used and disclosed for the purposes outlined and will not be disclosed otherwise without your consent, except where authorised or required by law. For further information, please refer to the Department’s Privacy Policy.