Bio - Dr Gregory J Clark AC

Dr Gregory J Clark AC is a world-renowned scientist, technologist and businessman. Currently the Chairman of KaComm Communications.

Early in his career, Dr Clark spent 15 years as a Research Staff Member and Group Leader in the IBM Research Division, Yorktown Heights, New York. During this period he also established a Research and Development presence for the IBM Corporation in Australia and New Zealand. Concurrently he spent a period as Director of Strategy (Telecommunications) in IBM Headquarters, Armonk, NY.

Subsequently, as President of News Technology Group and a Member of the News Corporation Executive Committee, Greg oversaw all technology within News Corporation and was responsible for all technology related companies within the Group, including all Internet and the satellite pay TV companies. This was a Global role based out of Los Angeles, CA. Some of these companies, such as Israel based NDS, became billion dollar enterprises. He was responsible for News Corporation's transformation of its media assets from an analogue platform into a digital platform for both program creation and delivery across movies, television and print. During this period Greg Clark was closely involved in News Corporation activities in Asia including StarTV in Hong Kong.

Greg Clark left his role as Director of Technology for News Corporation to take up the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Loral Space and Communications based in New York. This company is the world's largest commercial satellite manufacturer and, at that time, the world's second largest satellite operator. Loral controlled over 20 companies. He was Chairman of GlobalStar and SatMex. During his time at Loral, he oversaw the development and manufacture of satellites, their launch and commercial operation. During this period Loral launched satellites on the Chinese Long March rocket amongst other launch providers in the USA, South America and Russia. He was instrumental in optimizing satellite design for the commercial delivery of digital content such as pay TV.

Dr. Clark formed an advisory company, Clark Capital Partners, in 2005 to advise private equity companies on technology and technology investment. Amongst various project, CCP served as an advisor to the Apollo Management Group on the acquisition of several satellite service providers including Intelsat, PanAmSat and Hughes Network Systems. He sold the company in 2012. During this period he was Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer for Knowledge Universe Corp, a company owning approximately 30 early stage companies.

Greg has received a number of international awards and fellowships in recognition of his contributions to technology and society. He was on the Australia Prime Minister's Science and Technology Committee from 1990 to 1998. Amongst other Fellowships, he is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Australian Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. He was awarded the Centenary Medal by the Australian Government and the Einstein Medal by the Israeli Government. He was awarded the Pawsey Medal by the Australian Academy of Science.  After 10 years of service, he has just retired as a Director of the ANZ Banking Group. ANZ Banking Group has extensive operations in Asia and China specifically. He is currently a Director of NextDC, the largest Australian data centre company. He is Chairman of the Australian National University Advisory Board on Science and Engineering, Chairman of CUDOS, a research centre of excellence across several universities, a Questacon Board Member and a Royal Institution Australia Board Member. In the past he has chaired a number of companies in the Americas and Europe.