Cyber is for everyone.

The Questacon Cyber Ready Program is an Australian Government initiative to improve cyber security skills, awareness and job readiness as part of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020. Over 5 years (2019 – 2024) $14.9 million has been invested in Questacon to design challenges and teacher training to prepare primary, secondary and tertiary students for careers in cyber security. The funding includes $6.2 million existing budget for the Engineering is Elementary program.

The Cyber Ready Program’s vision is a better future for all Australians through engagement with cyber security. It works to excite and motivate people through inspirational cyber security experiences. The Program’s core objectives include teacher professional learning, student workshops and activities, reaching broader audiences and enhancing cyber security awareness through a range of supporting materials, and sparking dialogue around cyber education with industry stakeholders.

You may view the joint press release by Minister for Science and Technology The Hon., Melissa Price MP and Minister for Home Affairs The Hon., Karen Andrews MP, who officially launched the Questacon Cyber Ready Program on Tuesday 26 October 2021.

National Cyber Design Challenge

The National Cyber Design Challenge is an exciting new learning program for 8-13 year olds across Australia. Students will build fundamental skills relevant to cyber security through a variety of creative design challenges, and explore cyber as a human phenomenon that is becoming increasingly relevant to all our lives. Through interactive and immersive experiences, participants will be inspired to thrive in the digital world, and pursue early pathways towards future cyber security careers.

To learn more about the National Cyber Design Challenge, please contact

The Cyber Ready teacher professional learning programs are designed to improve skills, perceptions and confidence with the digital technologies curriculum and other foundational skills that are a prerequisite for cyber security. These programs explore a range of exciting topics through creative and collaborative activities at after-school workshops, whole-school multi-day programs, and national conferences. These programs will share valuable technical, pedagogical and content knowledge in order to help teachers and schools best plan for and implement effective teaching and learning in the classroom. The Cyber Ready teacher programs are a fun and valuable opportunity for teachers to engage professionally with colleagues and community to build digital technologies skills for the future.

Cyber Squad

Join us for these free, after-school teacher professional learning workshops to explore digital technology projects to use in your classroom! The Cyber Squad program has a range of fun, hands-on activities that delve into systems, design and computational thinking. Upskill in digital technology learning tools and concepts, formative and summative assessment strategies and project-based pedagogies.

The program will visit numerous locations across Australia to offer free workshops both virtually and in-person. To find out more and express interest in future opportunities, please contact

Cyber Futures

Is your school interested in making digital technology a whole school priority? Would you like a more in-depth look into how to make the digital technologies curriculum work in your school?

The Cyber Futures program will visit your school for 1-2 days of free, interactive whole school workshops! This program will explore cross-curricular applications of the digital technologies curriculum through inquiry and project based learning. The Questacon Cyber Ready team will help you identify your school's digital technology needs, build technologies to grow STEM capability across your teaching team, and create a whole-school pedagogical approach to digital technologies.

This free program is perfect for week zero and pupil-free days. To learn more, discuss how this program could suit your needs, or arrange a workshop with us, please contact

Cyber Academy

Are you ready to level-up your digital technologies teaching with ideas and activities that are relevant to the diverse range of real world cyber security skills, knowledge and future careers? Catch the Questacon Cyber Ready team at education, digital technology and cyber security conferences across Australia!

Please contact if you are interested in our attendance at your conference.

Leaders' Forum

The Cyber STEM Leaders’ Forum is a platform for diverse leaders and role models in cyber relevant fields. It aims to spark dialogue and create a culture of sharing about best practice in cyber education, with an initial focus on ideas to engage the 8-13 year old age group, families and teachers. It will also provide networking opportunities for leaders in cyber, STEM engagement and education, helping establish new connections between organisations and providing important inputs to Questacon’s Cyber Ready program as it evolves.

This part of the Cyber Ready Program has multiple lines of effort, including a Mind in Residence Program and a number of events around Australia.

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The Cyber Ready Team is building a new range of exciting opportunities to help give everyone the skills they need to live a cyber-enabled life. Though still under development, these activities will explore new ways of providing fun and engaging ways of learning about the world of cyber security at home, at the library, or anywhere in your community. If you have an idea that expresses cyber security in a new and interesting way, we’d love to hear from you.

While you wait for these exciting new offerings to take shape, look at NKRYPT, Questacon’s existing outdoor exhibit that delves into the world of ciphers and codes and remains unsolved to this day.

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