Marbelous ball run

Marbelous Ball Run

an electronic tablet with the words Marbelous developed by Questacon

Free App

Prepare to lose your marbles in a whole new way! Challenge your design and puzzle-solving skills in Marbelous Ball Run.

Use classic ball run components like cardboard ramps; wooden rulers; tomato sauce bottles and more to build your track then share it with your friends! The advanced physics engine, powered by Unity™, allows accurate tracking and realistic ball motion, with adjustable gravity, ball bounciness and even friction.

The game includes achievements, and the ability to link ball runs together by sharing codes with family and friends through your social networks.

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Desktop version of Marbelous Ball Run

Play on the desktop!

If you'd like to play Marbelous Ball Run on your desktop computer instead, you must have an up to date web browser that supports Web GL. We recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If your browser is up to date and you are still having problems, it may be due to your firewall which can interfere with WebGL operating correctly. You can test your browser here.

If you already know your browser is Web GL ready, get started here.



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