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Burarra Gathering - Sharing Indigenous Knowledge

This website gives a sense of the people, land, language and traditional technologies and knowledge of the Burarra people of Arnhem Land, in Australia's Northern Territory.

Recognition and Awards

The Exploratorium in San Francisco recognised Burarra Gathering with a Ten Cool Sites Award for educational excellence. USA Today made Burarra Gathering one of their Hot Sites and Yaholigans! made it a top 5 Cool Site. Burarra Gathering also won $5000 in the inaugural South Australian Premier's Children's and Youth Educational Software Awards.

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SA Premier's Award

Burarra Gathering at Questacon

You may remember seeing Burarra Gathering: Sharing Indigenous Knowledge at Questacon in Canberra, Tandanya in Adelaide or the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. The physical exhibition inspired the development of the online exhibition (though both have since been decommissioned).

While the two Burarra Gatherings shared common themes they were quite different in approach.

A Special Visit

In November 2003 Questacon celebrated 15 years of operating in our current building.

At the same time Burarra Elders Horace Wala Wala and Peter Danaja (who lend their names to the characters in the online adventure) were in Canberra to attend a conference.

We were delighted that they could come and join in the fun at our party.

Arraboy! (Let's go!)