Mud Crab

Good Tucker

A mud crab
Mud Crab
Green mud crabs live in the tidal flats of Burarra. Photo courtesy Ian Morris.

The mud crab (Scylla serrata) is a big, dark brown or mottle green crab that can grow up to 25 cm (about 10 in) and weigh up to 3.5 kg (almost 8 lb).

Mud crabs use their large claws to catch prey and defend themselves from attackers. If you can avoid being nipped they make good tucker!

Mud crabs hide in the muddy bottoms of estuaries and mangrove forests during the day and come out to hunt at night. They eat molluscs, small crabs, snails and worms. The mud crab's back legs are flattened to help them swim.

Mud crabs can be found in a large area including the northern half of Australia, the Philippines, the east coast of Africa and Pacific islands including Samoa and Fiji.