Curriculum Links

Science Topics

The Burarra Gathering exhibition is applicable to a number of strands of the Science curriculum profile for Australian schools, including Earth and Beyond and Life and Living. There is ample opportunity for students to develop skills relevant to the Working Scientifically strand, as they observe, interpret and apply their observations to other situations. Burarra Gathering is a valuable resource which can be used to supplement classroom science.

Other Subjects

Burarra Gathering is also linked to many other curriculum strands. The exhibition can be applied to Studies of Society and Environment, particularly through the Culture strand and the Place and Space strand. Technology can be examined through the exhibition by investigating how the needs and wants of the Burarra people, and the natural materials available, determined what technologies were developed.

Burarra Gathering Curriculum Link Documents

This document sets out the links between the National Curriculum Statements and Burarra Gathering.

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Download Curriculum Link document (pdf, 60 kB).

The Burarra Gathering online exhibition teacher resources resources: