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Cooking up new sounds or just ringing in your ears?

5+ Experiments and activities
link to the get over it exhibit

Not all puzzles have solutions!

How it Works

Starting on any part of the land, try to plot a path that crosses each bridge only once.

10+ Experiments and activitiesGames and Puzzles Exhibit
A grey, red and grey rectangular exhibit.

Binary counting systems are based on '0' and '1', which may also represent 'ON' and 'OFF' in electronic circuits.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
Two young boys sitting in a darkened room with a light shining between them onto a wall behind. They are holding up a cut out of a moon and cow on sticks, which both cast shadows onto the wall.

Children have a great chance to use their imagination and interact with others with this fun activity.

2-5 Experiments and activities
a blue, black and white cube structure that has vinyl blue and white information panels from top to bottom with spaces in between. There are also different sound exibits hanging from orange cord from the cube structure.

Vibrations travelling through solids can be heard as sounds.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit