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A large blue and red cube frame that has purple and green information banners hanging between top and bottom bars of the cube. There are also square orange and white shapes hanging from the frame.

Humans judge the position of their body through sight and proprioception.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
A beige coloured exhibit table with matching monitor on top. On the screen is the title 'Saving Water'.

Small changes that save water can add up to large water efficiencies.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A close up of a blue and steel monitor screen that has targets on it. Pink handles come out from each side.

The trigonometry function of 'tan' can be used to find the distance to a target.

12+ Exhibits Exhibit
A thermometer sitting in a clear plastic cup, which itself is sitting in a bed of ice cubes

Water can be cooler than ice and still remain a liquid? That's super cool!

5+ Experiments and activities
Primary aged children with hands on a large blue orb exhibit.

Chaotic fluid patterns swirl in unpredictable ways, representing how Earth's oceans and atmosphere can move unpredictably.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit