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Wood ball in a wooden 3D maze

Challenge yourself to solve this spherical 3D maze. Using the Superplexus is the best way to figure out the puzzle.

All ages Exhibits Exhibit
Logo: Questacon Science Play

Blow up a balloon and rub it on your hair to explore static electricity.

2-5 Games and Puzzles
A pink monitor with the words 'Hidden Water', a hamburger and a cow on the screen.

Water volumes used to manufacture items such as food,  clothing and cars is called embedded water.

12+ Exhibits Exhibit
A scrubbing brush with googly eyes and motor moves across a table

Tinkering with vibrating robots... or vibrobots!

8+ Articles
A slinky sitting in a perspex cup attached to a yellow and green disc, attached to a red wall

Explore different textures, sounds, lights and movements with your child.

2-6 Exhibits Exhibit