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Three chrome spheres sitting in a grey frame, with the centre sphere being struck by a small mallet.

Scientists can explore what is inside the Earth by studying vibrations.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A cartoon picture of a boy and a toy rocket.

During Dr Yuri Blashtov’s performance at Questacon, he’ll try and launch 10 rockets.

7-10 Experiments and activities
3 steel spikes with one of them having red and blue discs attached.

The minimum number of moves required to solve a Tower of Brahma puzzle depends on the number of discs being used.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit

WARNING: This sound is dangerously powerful; with great power comes great responsibility

5+ Experiments and activities
An information panel with the title 'Data Gathering'

Information can contain many patterns. Sometimes those patterns are related to each other, sometimes they are just coincidence.

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