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Three stainless steel vertical poles about 2 metres in height are spaced apart and embedded into a concrete and paved garden area. On each of the poles are laser cut out cryptographic symbols.

Hidden messages can be communicated using encryption or code.

12+ Games and Puzzles Exhibit
Green, blue and white light projection on to square tiles.

When raindrops congregate in a cloud to a certain density, rain will fall.

4+ Exhibits Exhibit
A rusted metal sculpture with six faces located in a garden environment.

Szilassi polyhedrons have a special topology.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A boy and girl standing next to a blue and beige round table that has a small basket ball on top. In the background are yellow and blue information panels.

Spin the wheel and watch what happens to the model Sun.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A green and white information panel with the title 'Zed to Zee'.

Movement of tiles in a puzzle represent processes of translation and rotation.

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