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A quarter inflated green balloon floating in a tub of water.

Going on a bushwalk in your backyard and don’t want to get lost? Be sure to pack a balloon, a magnet and a bucket of water.

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Wood ball in a wooden 3D maze

Challenge yourself to solve this spherical 3D maze. Using the Superplexus is the best way to figure out the puzzle.

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A cross section model of the earth with yellow, brown, red and blue layers..

Earth is constructed from layers of solid and liquid molten rock.

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A series of blue rings with a yellow model sun in the middle and black markers on the outer rings.

Planets in the Solar System orbit around the Sun, with planets furthest away from the Sun taking many years to complete one orbit.

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Use your fingers (and an electrical field) to keep a magnet suspended in mid-air between two long conductors.

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