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A boy and girl standing next to a blue and beige round table that has a small basket ball on top. In the background are yellow and blue information panels.

Spin the wheel and watch what happens to the model Sun.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
Two large glass and aluminum panels hinged on their centre and sitting behind an information display.

The way water tends to flow or meander in S-shaped streams influences how streams and rivers meander through landscapes.

12+ Exhibits Exhibit
A person in a black shirt holding an orange basketball with a smaller blue ball sitting on top of it.

Practice those million dollar catches using two balls instead of one and watch one of the balls fly high into the sky!

5+ Experiments and activities

Sorting algorithms are employed by computers to determine how to order lists.

How it Works

Use various sorting algorithms to sort objects by weight!

10+ Games and Puzzles Exhibit

This experiment investigates how we see colour and how it’s affected by our surroundings.

All ages Experiments and activities