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A series of blue rings with a yellow model sun in the middle and black markers on the outer rings.

Planets in the Solar System orbit around the Sun, with planets furthest away from the Sun taking many years to complete one orbit.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A range of different flat orange shapes sitting on an orange surface.

Try your hand at this ancient puzzle and mae a variety of shapes from the same seven puzzles pieces.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
On a blue surface are a triangle shaped and a rectangle shaped yellow flat base, on which sits piles of orange balls.

Build a pyramid with a triangular or rectangular base, using the same siz puzzle pieces of joined balls.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A model earth and sun showing shadows on the earth.

Seasons on Earth are caused by the angle at which sunlight hits the Earth's surface as Earth orbits around the Sun on its tilted axis.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
water flowing out of stainless steel tubes onto a perspex dome and into a doughnut shaped basin. There are coloured toys in the basin.

Playing with water improves a child’s ability to plan, measure and predict events (such as whether something will float or sink).

0-6 Exhibits Exhibit