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A black exhibit table with a clear perspex box over it, enclosing a series of white gears all connected together.

Different sized gears can be used to magnify force or distance (speed).

8+ Exhibits Exhibit

Let water spin you round, right round, round, round

10+ Experiments and activities
A yellow and blue information panel with the title 'Tectronic Plates'

Earth’s crust is made of pieces called tectonic plates.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A exhibit with a blue and black sphere at the front and a yellow and blue information panel at the rear.

Spin the sphere slowly, then quickly and compare different patterns in the fluid.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A large blue and red cube frame that has purple and green information banners hanging between top and bottom bars of the cube.

Various visual illusions are presented to surprise your visual perception skills.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit