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Space is big. Really big. You can see just how big it is with this activity.

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A pink pyramid in two halves sitting in a black surface.

Two blocks form a triangular-based pyramid.

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A pendulum in the shape of a hammer is swinging. Behind the hammer is the picture of a skull.

Pendulums are used to keep time in certain clocks, based on their properties of length and patterns of swing.

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A fake stone wall in the background with a blue information panel displayed. In the foreground is a brown table with an orange cylinder on top laying on it's side with a steel spindle through it's centre. There are controls in front of this on the top of the table.

By comparing the ratio of tagged to untagged animals, a reasonably accurate estimate of the total population of animals can be calculated.

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A melted yellow plastic ice-cream wrapper

Are your ice block wrappers taking up too much space? Shrink them with this easy activity!

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