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A box of baking soda is next to a large flat plate that has a white splatter on it, and a white liquid trail goes into the air.

Use carbon dioxide gas to make a rocket fly!

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A screen shot of a blue background with dark blue pipes and the title in orange 'Survive the Sewer'.

A sewerage system contains many obstacles and factors that must be taken into account when collecting and treating wastewater or effluent.

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Two hands holding a paper cup with green liquid inside, next to a clear pepper grinder.

There is nothing to sneeze about in this activity.

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A picture of a lawn with pop-up sprinklers working.

Water must be allocated and shared between agriculture, the city and the environment.

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A young girl sitting with a woman blowing onto a pink, spinning pinwheel.

A force, either wind or movement energy, has to be applied for something to turn.

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