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A young girl sitting with a woman blowing onto a pink, spinning pinwheel.

A force, either wind or movement energy, has to be applied for something to turn.

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A blue and yellow box with a well in in the centre of it.

Some ideas about water are misconceptions rather than accurate facts.

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WARNING: This sound is dangerously powerful; with great power comes great responsibility

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A red exhiibit table with white infomation panels on the table top, sits in front of a green and a blue wall. On the table sits two steel frames at right angles to one another with mirrors and air gaps inbetween them.

The human brain can be confused if visual signals do not match physical signals.

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A plastic soft drink bottle with a pink rubber balloon inside, a pink rubber diaphragm at the bottom, and a yellow lump of plasticine on top.

Feeling under pressure? Take a deep breath, relax and make yourself a third lung!

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