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A mural painting of a totem pole next to some monkeys in a tree.

Height can be measured in some rather strange units.

4+ Exhibits Exhibit
A rusted continuous steel loop sculpture with the raised words 'looping cascades'  and 'into sprial worlds' on the surface of the strip. The sculpture sits on a brown graveled garden area, with deciduous trees in the background.

A Möbius strip is a loop with unusual geometrical properties.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
A black exhibit table with a clear perspex box over it, enclosing a series of white gears all connected together.

Different sized gears can be used to magnify force or distance (speed).

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A young boy stares in awe at a 3D hologram produced by VoxieBox

Will Tamblyn and Gavin Smith challenged themselves to create a 3D holographic projector – a piece of tech that only existed in science fiction.

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A young woman named Olivia leaning on a unpainted rocking horse holding a wood filing tool.

Olivia O'Connor is a craftswoman who owns her own business creating beautiful rocking horses. She hand carves, leatherworks and paints the bespoke toy in the traditional way.

All ages Articles