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A large red and blue cube frame that has blue and orange banners running from top to bottom with different information on each. In front on the grey carpet is a long checkerplate steel box.

Your heart beats faster during and directly after exercise.

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A fake stone wall in the background with a blue information panel displayed. In the foreground is a brown table with an orange cylinder on top laying on it's side with a steel spindle through it's centre. There are controls in front of this on the top of the table.

By comparing the ratio of tagged to untagged animals, a reasonably accurate estimate of the total population of animals can be calculated.

10+ Exhibits Exhibit
Science Circus team members jumping on a jumping pillow

The day in a life of a Science Circus presenter is never predictable with highlights creeping up in unexpected places.

All Ages Articles
water flowing out of stainless steel tubes onto a perspex dome and into a doughnut shaped basin. There are coloured toys in the basin.

Playing with water improves a child’s ability to plan, measure and predict events (such as whether something will float or sink).

0-6 Exhibits Exhibit
A fake bridge with hand rails, and lit up centre walk way.

Amounts of stress within a structure can be observed and measured using polarised light and filters.

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