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A balloon attached to an old record sitting on a table.

A flying gliding hover craft—your very own compact mode of transportation!

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 On top of the yellow surface sits a flat orange triangle base and four black triangular pieces.

Try to build a large pyramid using the pyramid-shaped blocks.

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A box of baking soda is next to a large flat plate that has a white splatter on it, and a white liquid trail goes into the air.

Use carbon dioxide gas to make a rocket fly!

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
A large red and blue cube frame that has orange and blue information panels hanging from top to bottom. Inbetween these panels are blue and orange trianguular and square objects.

Polarising filters can be used to block or transfer light waves at different angles.

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An orange and blue exhibit table. Red yellow and blue steel bars rise out of the table top, and are bent into different shapes. A piece of white rope with a knot in it is threaded between the bars.

Topology puzzles explore patterns in space.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit