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A young girl with a blindfold on and holding her hands up to her face. An adult holding a hair dryer in the foreground.

Can your child guess what sound you are making when they cover their ears?

2-5 Experiments and activities
children constructing towers in the Earthquake Lab to see how the shaking affects them

Perform experiments and challenge yourself as you explore the phenomena of earthquakes and their effects.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A back lit display of a world map with only the centre part lit, while the rest is in dark.

A model of how sunlight moves across Earth's surface to create day and night in different parts of the world.

12+ Exhibits Exhibit
a long pink straw with copper wire wraped around it continuously, with the wire connecting its two ends to a AA battery.

It’s electrifying! Get things moving with your very own electromagnet!

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
A small boy and girl playing with a drum and mixing bowl.

Join BJ and Dion from Science Time, as they talk all about 'Senses'.

3-6 Experiments and activitiesVideos