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A close up of a wooden clothes peg with two pieces of copper wiring wrapped around each peg leg.

Sound is made by vibrations.

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A rusted continuous steel loop sculpture with the raised words 'looping cascades'  and 'into sprial worlds' on the surface of the strip. The sculpture sits on a brown graveled garden area, with deciduous trees in the background.

A Möbius strip is a loop with unusual geometrical properties.

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The shape of wheels determines how well they follow different shaped tracks.

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A large black rubber mat with a yellow border and red points throughout the black area has a yellow and red plastic rectangle frame sitting on four of the red points.

Unusual mazes test spatial and problem solving skills.

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A black faced clock sitting in front of a stone coloured background with different pattens etched into it.

Standard time clocks are based on 12 hours, but time can also be measured using a decimal clock based on 10 hours.

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