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A red mechanical dynamo device enclosed in clear pespex sits on a black bench, that is surrounded on two sides by brown and white information panels.

Combining magnets, copper and iron bars creates an electric field.

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A red and white builseye target sits on a yellow stand behind netting.

Radar guns measure the speed of a travelling ball in kilometres per hour.

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Two candles sitting on a white plate.

Don’t leave this candle in the wind. Eat it instead!

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A night time photo of a rusted metal sculpture of a man holding a ring up to the sky with one outstretched arm. There are gum trees lit up in the background and the sky is black with thousands of stars visible.

An artistic sculpture by Tim Wetherell, representing  parallax to measure astronomical bodies and recovery from the 2003 Canberra Bushfires.

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A scrubbing brush with googly eyes and motor moves across a table

Tinkering with vibrating robots... or vibrobots!

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