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a yellow robot arm with a hocky puck attached at the end of it's arm sitting on a blue air hockey table

Robotic technology allows a mechanical arm to detect and respond to human actions in a challenging game of air hockey.

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3 steel spikes with one of them having red and blue discs attached.

The minimum number of moves required to solve a Tower of Brahma puzzle depends on the number of discs being used.

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Two ropes intertwined between two sets of hands.

Topology (the mathematics of how things are connected) can be used to demonstrate whether things are truly linked.

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a red display control board, with a screen where you place your hands on, and blue, green and red controls to the top.

The Moment Magnitude scale is used to measure the strength of earthquakes, increases by a factor of 10.

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Arrange different light filters, plastics and polaroid filters on a light table to see polarised light

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