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A blue, green and grey exhibit stand with a large piece of timber at the front with slots cut into it.

Push the blocks towards each other. Watch what happens to the blocks, which represent tectonic plates or the Earth’s crust.

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This activity lets you engage in  simple maths when counting and measuring ingredients such as 3 cups of  flour or 2 eggs.

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A night time photo of a rusted metal sculpture of a man holding a ring up to the sky with one outstretched arm. There are gum trees lit up in the background and the sky is black with thousands of stars visible.

An artistic sculpture by Tim Wetherell, representing  parallax to measure astronomical bodies and recovery from the 2003 Canberra Bushfires.

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 On top of the yellow surface sits a flat orange triangle base and four black triangular pieces.

Try to build a large pyramid using the pyramid-shaped blocks.

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