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A red and blue exhibit table with a yellow, white and purple information panel on top, sits in front of two green and blue walls. On the table sits a blue, black and clear perspex cylinder shpaed aquarium.

Magnetic fields can be seen when magnetic metals align against a magnet's poles.

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A traveller in the wilderness puts clothes into the Scrubba wash bag

When Ash Newland began preparing to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, he didn’t expect the journey would lead him to a whole new career.

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A quarter inflated green balloon floating in a tub of water.

Going on a bushwalk in your backyard and don’t want to get lost? Be sure to pack a balloon, a magnet and a bucket of water.

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Don’t get washed away by this gritty activity!

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Young children are still learning how to use their senses. With this activity they can explore their sense of smell and use their memory to relate that smell to a visual image.

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