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A range of different flat orange shapes sitting on an orange surface.

Try your hand at this ancient puzzle and mae a variety of shapes from the same seven puzzles pieces.

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A young woman named Olivia leaning on a unpainted rocking horse holding a wood filing tool.

Olivia O'Connor is a craftswoman who owns her own business creating beautiful rocking horses. She hand carves, leatherworks and paints the bespoke toy in the traditional way.

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A water drink bottle wrapped with paper has cool steam coming off it, blown by a nearby fan.

Be refreshed by the cool power of evaporation!

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
A digital image of the moon sits within a round brass feature.

A sculpture by Tim Wetherell explores early theories of astronomy.

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Two yellow monitors back to back sit on a black and blue exhibit table.

A seemingly impossible puzzle can be solved through trial and error, representing optimisation theory.

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