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a blue, black and white cube structure that has vinyl blue and white information panels from top to bottom with spaces in between. There are also different sound exibits hanging from orange cord from the cube structure.

Sounds vibrating at different frequencies can be separated using short or long tubes.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
Close up image of the seismometer in Quakemaker

Control a seismometer to see how seismic waves appear on a seismogram.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
A young boy standing over and reaching out for a rainbow beach ball.

Create a funny, wobbly ball.

2-5 Experiments and activities
Pop top explosion

Create an explosive fountain of foam and carbon dioxide gas by mixing sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

5+ Experiments and activitiesVideos
A purple lightening arc

High voltages create a spectacular display of plasma and electric arcs.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit