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A large granite stone ball sitting on a large slab of stone, which intern sits within a stainless steel bin. Water flows from under the granite and over the stone to the bin.

Hydraulic pressure and lubrication allows very large masses to be moved.

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A large timber and glass table, with two tubes going into the air, and the words suck and push along side either tube.

It is easier and more energy efficient to pump water from below (normal pump) than to try and draw it up from above (using a vacuum pump).

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Core samples are taken from a planet’s surface to provide information about the past.

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A red and yellow ball rolling down the gravity well

Balls roll in elliptical pathways around the dish, until they fall into the 'gravity well's' central hole.

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Photo of Blue Sky exhibit

Observe the way the colour scatters.Turn off different colours to see how each is affected differently.

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