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A thermometer sitting in a clear plastic cup, which itself is sitting in a bed of ice cubes

Water can be cooler than ice and still remain a liquid? That's super cool!

5+ Experiments and activities
On a blue surface are a triangle shaped and a rectangle shaped yellow flat base, on which sits piles of orange balls.

Build a pyramid with a triangular or rectangular base, using the same siz puzzle pieces of joined balls.

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A timber, black and orange exhibit table with two information panels at the rear in the same colour scheme. On the table top sits two piston devices with blue bases and a series of weights at one end. Thre is a red joystick and pressure guage at the other end.

Pressure applied over an area generates a force that can do work. Changing the area or the pressure increases or decreases the force.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit

Too hot, too cold or just right? See how these plants adapt to extremes

8+ Experiments and activities
A vertical square flat pice of aluminium foil, coming out of a black cardboard box with a hold in the top.

Make an economic and environmentally friendly oven for roasting poor little marshmallows.

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