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A pair of hands using an eye dropper and a small brown bottle. Beside sits green and yellow defalted balloons.

Test your friends’ sense of smell with this crazy scented balloon experiment!

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Two large glass and aluminum panels hinged on their centre and sitting behind an information display.

The way water tends to flow or meander in S-shaped streams influences how streams and rivers meander through landscapes.

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Two hands holding a paper cup with green liquid inside, next to a clear pepper grinder.

There is nothing to sneeze about in this activity.

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A timber, black and orange exhibit table with two information panels at the rear in the same colour scheme. On the table top sits two piston devices with blue bases and a series of weights at one end. Thre is a red joystick and pressure guage at the other end.

Pressure applied over an area generates a force that can do work. Changing the area or the pressure increases or decreases the force.

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