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A blue and beige round table has a flat earth picture on top with a red knob, which has a child's hand moving it.

Tides are mostly caused by the Moon and solid earth also responds to tidal movements.

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A girl and boy looking at three cube blocks that have different pictures of animals on each side. To the left is a yellow and blue information panel.

Convergent evolution over many millions of years can result in different animals developing similar adaptations to survive in their common environment.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
Living cells diagram

All living things (organisms) are built from cells.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit
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Young children are still learning how to use their senses. With this activity they can explore their sense of smell and use their memory to relate that smell to a visual image.

2-5 Experiments and activities
A perspex hour glass with a yellow synthetic rubber slowly flowing from top to bottom.

This synthetic rubber appears to be solid, but it behaves like a fluid.

8+ Exhibits Exhibit