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A blue and green information panel with a transparent cylinder.

The size of holes in filters determines how the filter can clean a cup of dirty water.

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A black and white cartoon drawing of two people bumping into one another front on.

What happens when two things bump into each other?

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A rusted metal sculpture with six faces located in a garden environment.

Szilassi polyhedrons have a special topology.

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A young woman named Olivia leaning on a unpainted rocking horse holding a wood filing tool.

Olivia O'Connor is a craftswoman who owns her own business creating beautiful rocking horses. She hand carves, leatherworks and paints the bespoke toy in the traditional way.

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a red display control board, with a screen where you place your hands on, and blue, green and red controls to the top.

The Moment Magnitude scale is used to measure the strength of earthquakes, increases by a factor of 10.

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