EuroScience Week

EuroScience at Questacon, 7-11 October 2019

EuroScience Week is back for these school holidays!

In collaboration with the Delegation of the European Union to Australia, Questacon is holding a week-long program recognising Europe’s contributions to science. This year, Questacon is celebrating the scientific achievements from Europe from advances in energy technologies to space exploration and research. Join us for a week-long event filled with shows, scientists, and—of course—science!

See What’s On for the show schedule.

Marie Curie’s Notebook

Marie Curie, the only scientist to win a Nobel Prize in two different disciplines. Quite possibly the greatest scientist ever. This is a theatrical adaptation based on excerpts from Marie Curie’s letters and workbooks. We explore the life and scientific pursuits of this extraordinary physicist and chemist, who pioneered the study of radiation.

Inside a Collider

Delve into the workings of Europe’s Large Hadron Collider; it’s CSI on an atomic scale. How do we search for the tiniest building blocks of matter? It’s one of the biggest machines on the planet and it’s searching for the smallest elements.


The science of the humble balloon. Come on a journey and go completely balloonatic. This show involves the science and history of hot air ballooning, plus the use of balloons in space and into the future.

Space Missions

Our universe is incredible—but just how do we explore it? Learn all about BepiColombo, the International Space Station, the Mars Rover, the Cassini and more!

The New Martians

We’ve landed on Mars. It’s time to build a brave new world in a hostile environment. What are the challenges we’ll face? Explore the issues that humanity will need to tackle when it comes time to colonise a new planet. What new technologies will be required to support life on another world? This show explores how we can construct the building blocks for life in an environment not suited to it.

Power without the Puff

Where does the power Australia and the world uses every day come from? What is energy, and how do we convert it to get that power?


  • Monday 7 October, 2019 All day to Friday 11 October, 2019 All day

Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre

King Edward Terrace
Parkes, Canberra
Australian Capital Territory


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