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Shockingly Hair Raising

Energy, what is it and where does it come from? Do you care? Get energised by an exploration of Australia’s use of energy in a dynamic and explosive show guaranteed to fire up your interest.

Have you thought about?

  • Your house, car, and body are all powered in such different ways. Where do these different types of energy come from?
  • What are the different energy sources we can power our society with?
  • What are the costs and benefits of different sources of energy?
  • Does energy get lost when it is transferred from one type to another?


All ages

Learn About

All of the different ways we can produce energy in Australia today. There are costs and benefits of different sources of energy.

This show demonstrates the paths energy can take from the sun to the power in your house. 

This show asks the audience to think about what sources of energy they might choose.

A great way to estimate your global footprint – give it a try!

Energy use in Australia 2018-2019.

Understand your energy bill

Ideas and tips for lowering your home energy costs

Reducing your carbon footprint

A map of how electricity is being generated around the world.

Australian National Hydrogen Strategy

For Educators

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