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Imagination Factory focuses on how technology makes life easier and challenges the idea that technology is only defined as high-tech electronics.

Play with simple machines such as cams, pulleys, levers, gears, pistons (or pneumatics), wheels and electricity.

Learn how robbers break into a safe by cracking a cam lock, perform a musical tune using pulleys, race some horses using gears, play 'rock, paper, scissors' using electrical circuits or find your way through a maze using pneumatic pistons.

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Contact us to hire the Imagination Factory exhibition.

Phone: 02 6112 9750


Good to know

  • 18 exhibits
  • Ages 8 to 14 years (but suitable for all ages)
  • Floor area: 350 square metres
  • Minium hire period: 3 months
  • Set-up time: 5 days
  • Take-down time: 5 days