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Who can you trust?

This season everything is in disguise, from the chickens to the foxes to the travelling trader! Students will need to work together to determine: who can you trust?

Learning intentions and success criteria

Learning intentions

  • Students will understand how to assess the trustworthiness of online information.
  • Students will create ways to teach others how to be safe online.

Success criteria

  • I can identify trustworthy information online.
  • I can teach others how to be safe online.

In-game achievements

  • Encrypt your assets: Give your chickens disguises
  • Detect strange behaviour: Teach your farmers to recognise strange trades
  • Identify fraudulent behaviour: Teach a farmer to recognise the fox merchant
  • Rebuild after a malware attack: Rebuild your castle walls after a malware attack

Lesson plan


Each student will need:

  • a device with Minecraft: Education Edition installed
  • their log-in for Minecraft: Education Edition
  • to be assigned to a group of 2 to 4 with a designated host
  • their copy of the Student Playbook and writing equipment

Start of season (30 minutes)

Watch the Season 4 video. Discussion prompts:

  • What is user behaviour?
  • What are some examples of trickery that you might find online?
  • How can we use zero trust to keep us safe?

Complete the ‘before gameplay’ activities of the Season 4 Student Playbook

Play the game (60 minutes)

The host will start multiplayer and provide the join code for other team members.

Students will be free to explore the world and new achievements.

End of season (30 minutes)

Discussion prompts:

  • What are some ways you can be safe online?
  • How can you help others be safe online?
  • How do you know who you can trust online?
  • Why do you think cyber security is an important career??

Complete the ‘after gameplay’ activities of the Season 4 Student Playbook.