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Enterprising Australians

Find out about Australian inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Public events and talks.

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Touring workshops brought to your classroom.

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Live workshops streamed from our studios in Canberra to your school.

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Accredited workshops for teachers.

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Invention Convention

Questacon Invention Convention

Don't just use the latest technology- create it!

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Holiday Workshops

Download a registration form here!

Check out The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre (IPTLC) located in Deakin and sign the kids up to a workshop during the July school holidays.

These hands-on workshops designed for young people aged between 10-15 years old will unleash the inner inventor, designer or maker.

Participants will get the opportunity to meet other like-minded people, make some cool stuff, get great advice on their projects, and find out how to further develop their ideas while having heaps of fun along the way!

Morning and afternoon workshops are available on 10, 11 and 12 July:



Monday 10 July

Tuesday 11 July

Wednesday 12 July



Wacky Racers

Bots Programming

App Design





Crash Test

Participants staying for a full day will be supervised over lunch and should bring their own lunch, water, a hat and sunscreen.

Monday 10 July

Wacky Racers (AM)

We’re going to build a fleet of crazy vehicles using air pressure, springs, gravity - and above all, your imagination - to power them.

Rockets (PM)

3… 2… 1… Blast off! Experiment with different designs to see if you can launch your rocket into outer space.

Tuesday 11 July

Bots Programming (AM)

How to train your robot! In this workshop, you’ll learn about programming EV3 Lego robots to build assistive technologies.

Enginuity (PM)

Why do something the easy way when you could engineer a loopy, over-the-top, domino-effect machine to do it for you?

Wednesday 12 July

App Design (AM)

Ever had a bright idea for a new app? Explore what’s going on behind the screen and design the look and feel of your very own clickable app!

Crash Test (PM)

Protect your precious cargo. Design and build a vehicle that’s going to get crumpled in a collision, but leave the occupants unscathed

Workshops: $55 per session (incl. GST)
Q Club members: $44 per session (incl. GST)

Download a registration form today, or contact our bookings team on 1800 889 995 to book your place!

Registration form: PDF, Word (accessible)

To Book:

Ph: 1800 889 995
Fax: 1800 641 171

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