Q2U Shows

Each topic is approximately 60 minutes long and throughout that time the presenter will explore a range of scientific concepts using live demonstrations and experiments. Learn more about our available topics below:


Push, pull, spin, throw, and kick with some the greatest inventions ever designed. How was the wheel invented? How does a lever work? Can one small child become stronger than multiple adults with the right invention? There’s one way to find out!


Dive head first into the science of energy! What happens when you smash two things together? What is kinetic energy?  What are Newton’s Laws of Motion and how do they relate to breaking things? Make sure to strap yourselves in first.

Liquid Nitrogen

Questacon’s coolest show! Explore concepts like how the structures, sizes, and states of things can change when you introduce them to one of the coldest substances on Earth. What happens to balloons when they get cold? Why does ice float? Is cryogenically freezing yourself a good idea? Let’s find out!


Set your sights for space and get ready to blast off! How did we get to the moon? Why do rockets go up? How many different things can one scientist blow up in one show? Don’t worry, it’s only rocket science!


Learn about how sound works, how different instruments can play different notes, and (most importantly) how to plug stuff in! What is the difference between a drum and a guitar? What is the most annoying noise ever and how do you make it?

NB: All our shows are linked with the Australian Curriculum for science.