Alex Goad is a young Australian industrial designer; his work focusses on product design, sculpture, installation and environmental design. We recently visited his Melbourne workshop to have a chat about one of his latest projects, MARS – a Modular Artificial Reef Structure.

We started by asking a very straightforward question…

There are a lot of pressures on the world’s reefs. Climate change, ocean acidification, waste run-off and illegal fishing practices all take a toll on marine plants and animals.

MARS addresses this problem in a very particular way. Its modular design and ease of installation makes it perfect to rebuild reefs that have been damaged by dynamite fishing, boat anchors, fishing nets or even violent storms. Once installed, MARS acts as a skeleton for coral and kelp to regrow onto. This can speed up the recovery of a damaged reef by almost 15 times!

Scuba diver photographing submerged artificial reef

Alex didn’t just create MARS overnight; he created countless prototypes. He had a few stumbling blocks along the way, but was able to learn from them. Through a process of trial, error and refinement Alex has created a really amazing product.

This isn’t the only product Alex is working on either! Why not check out his website to see what else he’s up to.

The cool thing is that this process of innovation never stops! Alex is now teaming up with marine scientists and sharing knowledge so that he can keep refining and improving MARS.

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