No one had given me a solution. When I left surgery I was given pain medication and said good luck. And I wasn’t going to accept that. So I turned myself into my own science experiment.”

Morgahna lives with Endometriosis, a medical condition that effects 1 in 10 females worldwide. Despite endometriosis being hugely debilitating for those who experience it, there is little research on the topic, and as such, few treatment options. Morgahna wasn’t given many treatment options beyond pain management and surgery but she found it useful to track different lifestyle factors to see if particular diet, exercise, or mental health activities improve or worsen her symptoms. Morgahna quickly discovered there were very few data tracking options available to meet her needs. A piece of paper or excel spreadsheet was ineffective, hard to analyse and frustrating. So she turned to apps. Again, not finding the right tool for the job, Morghana decided to create one! Manage Endo – an app for recording and analysing diet, exercise and mental health data on the go that was easy for anyone to use.

“I tried a lot of things initially anchored to my own experience and it became really apparent that solving for just my own experience was not the most impactful thing I could do”. Once Morgahna had made an app that worked for her the next step was getting in touch with people from around the world, to see what their experience with endometriosis was, and how their needs differed from hers. “When I did that it really opened my eyes to the potential of what this could do for other women.”

Morgahna had never built an app before and had no experience with coding when she started. Beginning with basic coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and GIT, she got inspiration from looking at how other people had solved similar problems to hers. As she built her understanding she started using more difficult languages like React, UJS, C+, Objective C and Swift. “It was a very large and steep learning curve for me. But it was really important in order for me to be able to execute and understand what I was doing”. The coding skills Morgahna gained whilst developing Manage Endo have also set her up to solve real life problems in a range of industries in the future.

Morgahna has already seen the impact Manage Endo is having, by encouraging people to have conversations and learn about endometriosis. One of the most successful moments for Manage Endo was when it reached the front page of Reddit, and Morgahna began receiving messages from people around the world offering to help with the development of the app. They could see how Manage Endo would help their loved ones with endometriosis.

Wondering how you can start solving some big problems? Morgahna has some great advice! “It’s so easy to get caught in a space where you’re like “should I do this, should I do this?” when actually you should just say “Hey, let’s give it a go, see what happens, if we fail that’s ok”. Failure means you’ve learnt something, which is incredible!”

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