Mick Spencer left university and created his business ONTHEGO SPORTS from his parents' garage. He went from having $150 in the bank to becoming a successful entrepreneur in four weeks.

How did it start? Mick had a mate who was part of a cycling club and desperately needed a heap of cycling jerseys in four weeks’ time. No one in the world could do it – factories needed at least 12 weeks. But Mick was determined and optimistic that he could do it, so he did what any millennial would have done: he asked Google. We talked to Mick about how he got from googling his options to owning his own business.

ONTHEGO is a company that makes professional sportswear, but Mick is passionate about using sport to make a difference. He believes that sport can change lives, and so he is using his business ONTHEGO to make sport more accessible for everybody.

At the moment, ONTHEGO SPORTS is innovating ways to let customers (that’s YOU!) design and customise their own clothes. Why not have a go of customising your own sportswear using their kit designer?

Mick Spencer, founder of ONTHEGO SPORTS

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