Invention Convention

Questacon Invention Convention

Don't just use the latest technology- create it!

Students learning robotics at an Invention Convention

Workshops for students

School Workshops

Workshops in Canberra

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Holiday Workshops

Workshops during the school holidays

students building their prototype

Touring School Workshops

Touring workshops brought to your classroom.

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Virtual Excursion

Live workshops streamed from our studios in Canberra to your school.

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Workshops for teachers

Teacher Workshops

Accredited workshops for teachers.

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Social Media

See what everyone's been up to.

Workshops around Australia

Within the Community

Enterprising Australians

Find out about Australian inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Taj Pabari, founder of Fiftysix Creations, works with a student

Community Events

Public events and talks.

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Make at Questacon in Canberra

School Workshops

Book via Book Canberra Excursions website 

Hands-on workshops in Canberra, for years 6-12, using simple tools and materials. Workshops focus on the themes of innovation, engineering and technology.


  • The Questacon Maker Project has available workshops in Term 3 and 4, 2020.
  • 2 hour sessions avaiable Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm


Workshop  Price per person  Supervisor to student ratio*

Upper Primary 

The Innovation Experience teaches upper primary students that they too can be innovators! Students will learn about innovation first-hand, using their creativity and imagination to rapidly build prototypes for a more sustainable future. They will use simple materials and get up close and personal with emerging technologies like 3D printing… all in two hours!

$25 1:15


Our two-hour, inquiry based Maker Project workshops allow students’ creative minds to flourish. They’ll get hands-on and prototype innovative solutions to engineering challenges using simple tools and materials. In our tailor made robots hack workshop students will engage their problem solving skills and creativity to design and build around a robot so it can help out with chores!

$25 1:15

A minimum charge of $575 applies to all Maker Project bookings. This charge is equivalent to 23 students.

An invoice will be issued following the visit.

*Entry for ratio supervisor and additional supervisors is free. 


The best way to make a booking with us is via the Book Canberra Excursions platform. 

Bookings cannot be made via the BCE portal with less than two weeks notice. For further enquiries, home school or short notice bookings please contact us.


For further enquiries please email our friendly bookings team.


Phone: 1800 889 995



Where are we?

The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre

The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre

The IPTLC is located in Deakin, ACT, and is the location of all Questacon Maker Project school and holiday workshops. Our facility includes extensive workshop spaces, video conference and teleconference capabilities, and specialist manufacture technologies.

The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre

60 Denison Street, Deakin, ACT, 2600

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