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Questacon Invention Convention

Don't just use the latest technology- create it!

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Workshops for students

School Workshops

Workshops in Canberra

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Holiday Workshops

Workshops during the school holidays

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Touring School Workshops

Touring workshops brought to your classroom.

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Virtual Excursion

Live workshops streamed from our studios in Canberra to your school.

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Workshops for teachers

Teacher Workshops

Accredited workshops for teachers.

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Workshops around Australia

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Enterprising Australians

Find out about Australian inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Community Events

Public events and talks.

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Make at Questacon in Canberra

Teacher Workshops

Questacon Smart Skills Teacher Workshops are FREE and are open to Science, Mathematics and Design & Technology teachers as well as interested Year 6 teachers in the same area as the touring Smart Skills student workshops.

Each Teacher Workshop is highly collaborative, hands-on and practical, aiming to build creative problem solving in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) using hands-on design thinking approaches. The workshops involve various design challenges using inexpensive and recycled materials to meet the goal. Each activity is developed for in-class replication and emphasises the innovation cycle of think, make, try and refine.

The three Teacher Workshops address descriptors from Standard 3 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Proficient Teacher level):

3.1 Establish challenging learning goals.

3.3 Use teaching strategies.

3.4 Select and use resources.

All three Teacher Workshops are also registered as accredited training by the BOSTES Quality Teaching Council and may be claimed as accredited PD by NSW teachers. Teachers in other states and territories who attend a Teacher Workshop may claim their attendance as teacher-identified PD or PL.

Teachers who book and attend Teacher Workshops 1 and 2 MAY receive a Samsung tablet as acknowledgement of their ongoing commitments to STEM education.

Questacon Smart Skills Teacher Workshops are not available to teachers in the ACT or in metropolitan areas, but   notification about our Canberra-based PL workshops occurs via a mailing list, which you can join at

Teacher Workshop 1

Teacher Workshop presenter explains activity to teachers

Teacher Workshop 1 introduces participants to design thinking techniques of make, test and refine, which mirrors the process of scientific inquiry and creative problem solving. During this hands-on workshop, teachers can try building a shake table and tower. Many teachers have subsequently delivered this activity with their own students, and reported that their students were highly engaged and creative in trying to refine their designs. The Teacher Workshop activity includes the use of a mobile phone app to demonstrate how digital technology may be incorporated into a hands-on activity and how simple and recycled materials can be used to develop an engaging activity for students.

Cost: Free

Duration: 90 minutes

For: Science, Mathematics, Design and Technology, and year 6 teachers

Teacher Workshop 2

Teacher Workshop presenter talks to a teacher

After students have experienced their in-school Smart Skills workshop, teachers are invited to undertake a new hands-on design thinking activity during Teacher Workshop 2. During this workshop, teachers will use small electronics and creative thinking to create an animated illusion. The workshop has a focus on inquiry and STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts and maths.

Cost: Free

Duration: 90 minutes

For: Science, Mathematics, Design and Technology, and year 6 teachers


Teacher Workshop 3

Teachers watch a Teacher Workshop presenter through video conference

Towards the end of the year, Questacon will connect with teachers who participated in Smart Skills Teacher Workshops 1 and 2 to participate in Smart Skills Teacher Workshop 3 via videoconference. This workshop introduces a new activity for teachers to try in the classroom using simple electronics and everyday materials.

Cost: Free

Duration: 45 minutes

For: Science, Mathematics, Design and Technology, and year 6 teachers


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