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Questacon Invention Convention

Don't just use the latest technology- create it!

Students learning robotics at an Invention Convention

Workshops for students

School Workshops

Workshops in Canberra

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Holiday Workshops

Workshops during the school holidays

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Touring School Workshops

Touring workshops brought to your classroom.

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Virtual Excursion

Live workshops streamed from our studios in Canberra to your school.

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Workshops for teachers

Teacher Workshops

Accredited workshops for teachers.

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See what everyone's been up to.

Workshops around Australia

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Enterprising Australians

Find out about Australian inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Taj Pabari, founder of Fiftysix Creations, works with a student

Community Events

Public events and talks.

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Make at Questacon in Canberra

Teacher Resource - Girls in STEM


Girls and women around the world are accomplishing great things in STEM, whether through personal hobbies, community projects or ongoing careers. Encouraging girls to try STEM activities and continue their studies in STEM opens up a wide range of possibilities for future careers. Girls from many different walks of life are finding enjoyment, confidence and support to engage with STEM; discover below how girls can be encouraged to seek out and participate in STEM-based projects.

Toy Hackers by Simone Giertz
A YouTube series by Simone Giertz who works with middle school girls and old toys to invent and build cool mechanical and electronic contraptions

girls inc.
Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold

5 Ways to Get Girls into STEM
Article by Edutopia with recommendations on how to encourage girls to engage with STEM-based activities

Australian Robogals groups run robotic workshops and events for girls in various locations

7 Ways to Support a Generation of Scientific Young Women (Huffington Post Women)
Article with suggestions on how to encourage girls to continue their studies in STEM

Amy Poehler Smart Girls
Change The World By Being Yourself! Celebrating girls around the world who have great ideas, including STEM-based projects, via various social media accounts

PBS SciGirls Seven: How to Engage Girls in STEM
US-based program SciGirls (for girls aged 9-13) published tip sheets for parents and middle school teachers wishing to provide appropriate and supportive activities to engage young girls in STEM

Women in STEMM Australia
Women in Science AUSTRALIA aims to connect women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) across every professional sector – education, research, industry, academia and government

AMSI report on women in STEM
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) produced a report in 2011 highlighting the under representation of women in STEM-based fields

Girls Make Games
A US-based organisation teaching middle and high school girls to create computer games

A US-based organisation Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering and the Sciences

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