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Questacon Invention Convention

Don't just use the latest technology- create it!

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Workshops for students

School Workshops

Workshops in Canberra

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Holiday Workshops

Workshops during the school holidays

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Touring School Workshops

Touring workshops brought to your classroom.

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Virtual Excursion

Live workshops streamed from our studios in Canberra to your school.

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Workshops for teachers

Teacher Workshops

Accredited workshops for teachers.

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See what everyone's been up to.

Workshops around Australia

Within the Community

Enterprising Australians

Find out about Australian inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Taj Pabari, founder of Fiftysix Creations, works with a student

Community Events

Public events and talks.

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Make at Questacon in Canberra

Teacher Resource - Makerspaces and Tinkering Activities

Makerspaces (or Hackerspaces) are rooms dedicated to hands-on, experimental play. Rather than being a traditional technical workshop or science laboratory, Makerspaces are highly flexible and mostly use low-tech, recycled and simple materials while more high-tech spaces tend to incorporate high-tech gadgets such as 3D printers.

While there are important design elements to consider when setting up a Makerspace (such as storage, furniture, tools and safety) it's vitally important to consider what you intend to do in your Makerspace first. The links below share advice and photos from schools, libraries and community groups which have created their own Makerspaces across the world.

 ‘The Maker Mindset’ by Dale Doherty
Dale Doherty created Make Magazine and was one of the early pioneers of the Maker movement renaissance. His article about the ‘Maker Mindset’ is important to read before you start setting up a Makerspace or get into maker-style activities.  

Tinkering: A Practitioner Guide for Developing and Implementing Tinkering Activities
A comprehensive guide on how to plan and create tinkering activities and makerspaces, produced by a group of European museums and science centres

Advice on how to start and run an educational Makerspace

Makerspace Playbook: School Edition
Advice to schools on how to make a Makerspace

Getting Started: resources for educators starting their own maker activities

Hackerspace Wiki
How to find and get involved with a Makerspace or Hackerspace in your community

Renovated Learning
Five tips for creating a Makerspace on a budget

How to Stock Your Makerspace for '100 Bucks' or Less

Articles written by teachers for teachers, including posts about designing and funding  Makerspaces for students with special needs

Make Magazine
A series of blog posts showing Makerspaces created by libraries and communities in the USA

New York Hall of Science Design Lab
Photos and videos of the NYSci's public Design Lab

Educational theories and resources about maker-centred learning

The Exploratorium
Sketchpad blog about the Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio activities and events in the USA

Visual Thinkery
Blog post by Bryan M Mathers about creativity in schools, which relates to the Maker mindset, tinkering approaches and thinking skills

Renew Australia
An Australian initiative which converts empty shops and buildings in regional Australia into Makerspaces and Hackerspaces


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