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A melted yellow plastic ice-cream wrapper

Are your ice block wrappers taking up too much space? Shrink them with this easy activity!

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A white plastic plate that has water in it and colourful swirls.

Have you ever wanted to control the weather?

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A woman looking up at two long balloons and a model paper octopus.

Get charged up and feel elevated in this amazing static electricity activity.

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Two hands holding a paper cup and a toothpick.

 Sail the soapy seas with this activity full of high and low surface tension.

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A man kneeling on a lawn, with a plastic tub and soft drink bottle in front of him. Soft drinking is projecting into the air.

This explosive experiment explores heat production, change of state and pressure.

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A pair of hands using an eye dropper and a small brown bottle. Beside sits green and yellow defalted balloons.

Test your friends’ sense of smell with this crazy scented balloon experiment!

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A box of baking soda is next to a large flat plate that has a white splatter on it, and a white liquid trail goes into the air.

Use carbon dioxide gas to make a rocket fly!

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A woman blowing into a pink balloon which itself is inside a plastic soft drink bottle.

Do you have a really competitive friend who can’t stand losing?

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