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Andrew Barley

I have been fascinated by the world around me and have loved to figure out how things work for as long as I can remember. Science has always been a natural way to combine that sense of wonder with understanding. After high school, my curiosity about both the biggest and tiniest things in our universe led me to study physics at the University of Adelaide. I also studied electrical and electronic engineering where my honours project was building a robotic tuner for musical instruments like guitars.

Throughout my studies I realised that while science is important in so many of the issues we face as a society, many people feel a sense of disengagement with it. I am very excited to be joining the Science Circus this year to show people that science is something they can be involved with even if they are not a scientist. Using our curiosity to explore the world is what makes us human and is also a lot of fun! Sharing the adventure with other people in the community, as we are doing this year, just makes it even more enjoyable.

Outside of science, my biggest passion is music; I play piano and write songs for my a cappella vocal group. I also love soccer, cycling and speaking French!