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Stephanie Kraskov

I love big dogs and I cannot lie! So after an undergrad in zoology and ecology, I started an Honours year to investigate how doggy memory compares to ours (spoiler: they’re pretty good when it comes to memorising treat locations!). This is when I realised I loved talking about science, and noticed I had more questions about how to best communicate new research and knowledge to the people (and puppies) that need it. To answer those questions, and keep busy in Melbourne’s lockdowns, I enrolled in The Australian National University’s Graduate Certificate in Science Communication. I decided I wasn’t finished with study and moved into the Master of Science Communication Outreach so I could continue learning about science communication in a super fun way, and maybe even learn how to juggle! When I’m not talking or science-ing I can be found bouldering, ballroom dancing, or at home keeping Genevieve (my pot plant) company with a good book and a nice cup of tea.