Hidden Depths

A triangular prism shaped display panel in blue and brown that represents mountains and under the sea.
A yellow, blue and brown exhibit that has a triangular prism at the front and a large veritical information panel at the back.

The tallest mountain and deepest trench on Earth can be found (partially or fully) under the oceans.

How it works

Move the mountain and trench up to the sea level to check the scaled height of different mountains and trenches located on Earth.

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

  • What is the tallest mountain and deepest trench on Earth?
  • Are the tallest and deepest features on the land or under the oceans?


Earth’s deepest trench and tallest mountain are actually found underwater and not on land.

There are two other mountains in the world that would be considered taller than Mount Everest, depending on how you measure the height of a mountain.

If you measure a mountain from base to peak, there is an underwater mountain that has most of its structure below water but is, in total heightl, taller than Mount Everest.

If you measure from the centre of the Earth to the mountain's peak, then a mountain located on the equator would be taller than Mount Everest. Because Earth’s equator bulges an extra 21 000 metres due to the Earth’s spin, the height of the mountain near the equator would be taller than Everest if measured from the centre of the Earth.