What Weather?

A blue table that has white balls, holes and a red lever in the top.
An exhibit with a blue and yellow information panel at the back, and a blue table in front that has holes in the top as well as white balls and a red lever.

Different cloud shapes, textures, height and colour give clues about what the weather may be like later today or tomorrow.

How it works

Look at the cloud photographs, think about the weather each cloud may bring and place a ball in a spot that represents clothing best suited to your weather forecast.

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

  • What cloud types did you notice this morning?
  • Were they similar to any of the cloud descriptions on the panel, or something different?


Cumulonimbus, Nimbostratus and Cirrus clouds each indicate different types of weather, ranging from showers, storms, hail, snow and sunny conditions.

Finding the science in your world

Weather and climate scientists (meteorologists) study cloud types, air pressure and wind direction to predict what the weather will be like.