Enterprising Australians


A timber and glass display case shaped as many interlocking hexagional prisims. The case is titled Enterprising Australians, developed by Questacon.

Australia has had a long history of innovation and this creative spirit forms a backdrop to the exhibition. Australia continues to produce inventors and innovators in many fields from biotechnology to manufacturing and IT. Each innovator has their own process and no two processes are the same. Enterprising Australians supports and highlights their stories of commercial success from across the Australian business sector.

Visitors will experience these stories, coming to a greater understanding of Australia’s innovators and Australia’s place in world technology. These inspiring stories can help guide them in their own career choices and goals. This exhibition is supported by our Principal Partner, The Ian Potter Foundation.

Interactive Stories

The exhibition contains two interactive exhibits that allow visitors to explore various stories of innovation.

Seeing Machines’ Driver State Sensor is designed to detect fatigue in drivers and reduce accidents. Visitors can sit in front of the screen and see the computer track their facial movements, including where they are looking, and any signs of drowsiness.

The Microeye allows visitors to examine samples from different stories. See the various stages of an improved prawn lifecycle, parts of a better cotton breed and its pests, and the minutely woven threads developed for wearable electronics.

Video Stories

a woman sitting at a table and seeing her own face displayed on a monitor on the table. Her face, displayed by the monitor, has lines drawn on it.

Visitors can watch interviews with the people behind the inventions. These interviews tell the enterprising stories of various Australians from their own perspectives. Learn the ups and downs, the moments of inspiration and follow the path of innovation that led them to success.

Stories will inspire visitors to seek out their own ideas and videos feature iconic innovations such as Graeme Clark’s bionic ear cochlear implant and Ian Frazer’s development of the Gardasil vaccine to protect against cervical cancer.

Artefact Stories

Visitors can explore the stories of innovation through artefacts from the different stages of development, and see the products that were created from the development process and the ways they are improving our lives.

From lighter, stronger vehicle mirrors, to healthier wholegrains and infant protection in vehicles, Australia’s Enterprising inventors have had an impact across a multitude of fields.