Bit Dicey

Four red and white die, site in a blue and reflective surfaced tray on a purple flat surface.
A red and purple exhibit table, with a white, green and yellow information panel on top, sits in front of two green and blue walls. On the table sits four red and white die, sitting in a blue and reflective tray.

Reflections can be used to create a three dimensional image.

How it works

Construct a die puzzle, so each visible face shows 6, 5 and 3 dots respectively.

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

Can you arrange the blocks on the mirror to show a die with faces of 6, 5 and 3 dots?


Light reflected in a mirror can be used to create illusions of width and depth.

Finding the science in your world

Mirrors are often used in small rooms to create the illusion that the room extends further back and is much larger than its actual size.