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Two stainless steel hoops attached by chains to a black and red triangular prism.
A red and blue exhibit table, with a yellow, green and white informatiion panel on top, sits in front of two green and blue walls. On thed by chains to a black and red triangular prism. e table sits two stainless steel hoops attach

Topology puzzles explore patterns in space.

How it works

Untangle the metal hoops using logical thinking skills rather than brute force!

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

Can you link and unlink the two metal pieces?


Topology is a branch of mathematics that investigates how objects form in three dimensional space.

Finding the science in your world

Loops can become entangled into a knot or a mess if the loops slip through gaps or around one another. If loops can become tangled, it must be possible to untangle them by reversing the actions that tangled them to start with.