Data Gathering

A large red, black, blue and purple rectanglue exhibition

Information can contain many patterns. Sometimes those patterns are related to each other, sometimes they are just coincidence.

How it works

Enter your details about hair colour, age, even pet preference on a screen, then take the reaction timer test and see how you compare to people who are similar or different to you.

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

  • Are you as fast as other players around the same age?
  • Does your performance improve with practice?
  • Does your pet preference influence your performance?
  • Which group had the fastest and slowest reaction times and what relationships do you notice within and between groups?
  • Are all relationships important, or are some relationships coincidental?


The data is arranged so you can see how your results compare to other players’ results. You may notice relationships (or draw correlations) between factors such as age and the number of hits, or hair colour and the number of mistakes. Can you think of a reason for the correlation, or is it just coincidence?