Puzzle Placemats

A yellow and black table with puzzle cards and discs in the centre.
A wowan and four school girls are sitting next to a yellow and black table that has an assortment of maths puzzles on top.

Sixty maths puzzles have been individually printed onto placemat-sized panels, so children, adults or families can sit around a table for hours, solving as many different puzzles as your brain and patience will allow.

The puzzles cover a wide variety of topics including: counting; patterns; logic; problem solving; addition; multiplication; subtraction; area; shapes and other magnificently mathematical content.

Venues may choose to hire the puzzle placemats separately from the exhibition in one of two ways:

  1. The puzzles may be hired by themselves, with the venue supplying its own trestle table and chairs (lowest cost option).
  2. The puzzles may be hired with an accompanying, specially-designed table and stools, which have been constructed by Questacon to attract visitors as well as house the puzzles and counters for easy access.