Measure Island

Questacon's travelling exhibition Measure Island takes visitors on an adventure through a long lost city hidden in the depths of the jungle. Join 'Archy' and his dog 'Cubit' explore measurement challenges along the way. Measure Island's 24 exhibits cover some unusual forms of measurement as well as measurements that we use every day without a second thought! Try some 'mind reading' by measuring physiological responses, examine whether a crown is made from gold and peek into the world of metrology where scientists deal with a myriad of measurements such as time, length, mass, capacity and volume. Also challenge your understanding of accuracy and precision and how humans can measure and 'tell' time using different clocks, their brain or a tree.

This exhibition is targeted at visitors aged 8 to 14 years, but can be enjoyed by the whole family.

View descriptions of each exhibit or visit the hire page for technical specifications and venue requirements.

Teachers Notes

A summary of Measure Island exhibits for teachers including National Curriculum links and key themes may be downloaded via these Word and PDF documents.

Questacon—Measure Island Teachers Notes PDF 160 kB | Questacon—Measure Island Teachers Notes Word 144 kB