Go with the Throw

A wall mural painted as a jungle scene in blue, green and orange, with pictures of a skull, a mask, a bird, a information panel and a totem pole that has a target on it.

Accuracy and precision are easily confused, but separate measurement concepts.

How it works

Throw quoits at a target and work out whether you were accurate, precise, or both!

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

If all five of your quoits hit the right hand side of the target, are you being accurate or precise?


Being accurate means that your measured result is correct or true. Being precise means that your result is the same time you measure.

Finding the science in your world

Scientists strive to be both accurate and precise within their research. This means that they design experiments to investigate variables and assess whether a particular variable is the main 'cause' of an outcome (accuracy), and they repeat experiments to gauge whether they obtain the same measurements each time (precise).