Water Wizard

A blue themed information panel with the title 'Water Wizard'
A blue pinball shaped exhibit with the title 'Water Wizard' in both vertical and horizontal information panels.

A molecule of water progresses through many stages of the water cycle.

How it works

Play a themed digital pinball game that represents the water cycle and a molecule 'ball' of water that freezes, evaporates and condenses as it passes through the cycle.

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

What parts of the water cycle do you experience in your daily life?


Release a ball through the 'evaporation' channel to commence the water cycle pinball game. As the 'water' ball bounces around the board, users will see how water moves within the environment, from rainfall clouds, through to glaciers, water bodies and ground water.

Finding the science in your world

A small scale, contained version of water cycle processes can be seen in your kitchen at home, including water evaporating from a glass of water, water condensing on the underside of saucepan lid of boiling water and ice cubes freezing in a tray. Each of these processes occur in Nature to circulate water molecules between rainfall, glaciers, rivers and fog.