Seeing to Infinity

A large red and blue cube frame that has blue and orange banners running from top to bottom with different information on each. There are orange and yellow objects hanging from the frame.

Mirrors create multiple reflections to create the illusion of a never-ending image.

How it works

Peek into a hole and see a never-ending series of reflections in facing mirrors.

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

Look through the slit. What do you see?


You can see reflections of reflections! These reflections are produced by two mirrors facing each other. The reflections become dimmer as they get smaller. This happens because the glass in front of the reflective surface absorbs a small amount of light during each reflection.

Finding the science in your world

In change rooms and some bathrooms, facing mirrors create a similar effect, where each reflection seems to extend to infinity. The 'farthest' reflection has less clarity and brightness than closer reflections.